Egypt building Road to Sudan

If you have loitered here a while, you know I’ve pointed out the coming battle in East Africa over control of the Nile river’s water.

Egypt is building a road to Sudan and hoping to build a network of roads to its Nile river “neighbors”.

Translation:   We can’t send in our tanks to crush your plan to take “our” water unless we have good roads.

Back in my youth, a big deal was made in the Weekly Reader about progress building the  Pan America Highway which was going to bring prosperity to all of the Western Hemisphere, linking Alaska to the tip of South America.

One small portion of that road was never built.   You can’t drive from Panama to Columbia.  While today “protecting the environment” is the official reason to not build it, one of the real reasons was and is a fear that some day American military vehicles would roll down the Freedom Highway to crush some government the United States didn’t like….. today Panama doesn’t want the Columbian drug gangs coming north…

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