Jobs or Clean Air – pick 1

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  1. foyle says:

    That warm fuzzy feeling in your belly for saving the planet will certainly fill your starving belly.

    Instead of using evil fossil fuels to warm our homes, we can all gather around our wonderful enviro-friendly, mercury-laden, government mandated fluorescent light bulbs and sing hymns of praise to dear leader.

    • Art Stone says:

      At the time, I remember hearing (probably on KDKA or maybe from my father) that the J&L Steelworks were meticulously disassembled and put on barges to be shipped to Asia. My memory is the plant was going to Korea, but it could have been China.

      Ayn Rand makes a lot of mention about the process of making steel (at Rearden Metal. If you accept that the Taggarts are the Vanderbilts, then Rearden may have been Carnegie – but I’m not sure. I’m thinking Carnegie was aligned the Pennsylvania Railroad, but I’m not sure. Time for some research.

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