John Boehner on SOPA

As I was mumching on my unhealthy lunch of powered donuts, I heard the voice of Speaker of the House John Boehner talking about SOPA  (Stop Online Piracy Act) which would give the government the power to demand that all ISPs cut off access to a web site when a complaint is made the web site is involved in the violation of copyrights.      If you visited Wikipedia today, it isn’t there – simulating what could happen if someone filed a copyright violation against Wikipedia after SOPA is passed.

Boehner’s reaction to the reaction to SOPA is that he is surprised at the amount of resistance, and he is working hard to make adjustments to the bill so he can still get something passed by the House.   We’re doomed if he is running the House when Newt is President in 2013 🙂

I happened to be listening on a station that carries Fox Radio News – and they did do the disclaimer that News Corp does support SOPA  (they’re tired of fighting with YouTube about people posting Simpsons episodes online)

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4 Responses to John Boehner on SOPA

  1. Parrott says:

    so everyone is against it except, Fox, the music industry, Soros , Bob Bilderburg & Son then Boehner. Idiots.

    Hell Boehner is a retard sometimes. He should have embraced tea par-tay and maybe could have changed something. But no, it just more of the same, bow down to the senate and pecker-head Reid, who is not even in session.
    They all should be fired.

  2. foyle says:

    “powered donuts” (?) — I’ve got to try those before the government decides we can’t have them!

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