The Hunger Games

The movie The Hunger Games is out this weekend.   It’s right from the play book of the Alex Jones belief that the governments of the world are laying the foundation for a coming mass extermination of most of the world’s population.

Is he crazy?   You decide.

Several year ago, I wrote about The Lottery, a short story I was taught in grade school.  In the Lottery, the old people of the town once a year held a lottery, putting in the names of all of the young people in the village.   Nobody could remember why, but it was the law and had to be followed.   The names were pulled from the box and as each name was read, the list of names shrunk.   The shocking conclusion to the story is that when the winner is chosen, the people of the village pick up stones and kill the little girl, then return to their lives until next year.

The Hunger Games is so shockingly similar I can’t imagine it is an accident.   The Hunger Games is set in a future desolate North America after the United States no longer exists.   One pair of young people from each of the 12 districts is selected each year for the “honor” of participating in a competition somewhat similar to Survivor, except that the contest is to the death.

When the contest is down to the final two who have fallen in love, they agree to both commit suicide to foil the purpose of the games.

The film was produced by Lions Gate, a studio founded by Frank Giustra, a Canadian born investment banker, who also financed and distributed Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911, the so-called “Documentary” about George Bush.

So the young minds are being conditioned to think about a horrible world in a post United States era where young people are punished in perpetuity for their ancestors having revolted against the government.

Of course this is all just harmless entertainment.

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3 Responses to The Hunger Games

  1. fhiggins says:

    I just get reading your post, Fred, and my 12 yr old daughter says ” Dad?, me and my friend want to go see Hunger Games at the movies today. I just read the book. It was awesome!”
    Uh, what am i supposed to do NOW?


  2. bmann says:

    Say no…..

    I just had a Co-worker describe the movie to me….. She said it should have been rated R and no one should watch it.

    She is in her late 30’s and it gave her nightmares.

  3. jackkeats says:

    I too read this trilogy which was “written down” to a middle school level (6th, 7th, & 8th grade) where cognitive development is not quite where most kids are capable of distinguishing the message layered under the plot.
    Riverside (the book publishers) have been pushing this garbage at our kids for the last 30 years. I first ran into them in ’85 in a soft cover blank verse ‘poetry’ book on death, dying, & suicide brought home from class by my 5th grade daughter. I struggled with the school district until I created enough stink so that they agreed to limit its use to high school students who might hopefully found it less attractive.
    You ever want to explore something that will drag you kicking & screaming straight into conspiracy land, dig into public education.
    In my humble, but nonetheless correct opinion, a concerted if incompetant attempt to brainwash our kids is alive & well all over the media, from publishers like Riverside, to the cartoon makers who used to produce produce “Captain Planet” for their Saturday morning viewing, to our government schools.
    Like Mama Cass used to sing “And if I really say it, the radio won’t play it, so I have to lay it, between the lines…”

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