Chicago Update

Just a recap of events – the original plan was to be in Chicago for 3 weeks of training, then return to Connecticut and work  remotely for 6 months. (longer if they renew the contract)

We had talked in general terms about maybe becoming an employee and/or moving to Chicago.  After my first weekend here, I sped up the process, helped along by finding the perfect place.   I’m about 5 minutes from work in a very large, well maintained apartment  complex.   As of tonight, I have Comcast fully working, including wireless.

This weekend, I return to CT and start the process of selling the condo, closing bank accounts, packing up my “stuff” and leaving the nutmeg state behind.    Getting health insurance in IL could be the thing that runs my plan into the ditch.   If it is, I just have two homes for a while.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    I’m safely back at home base in Connecticut. Now the fun begins.

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