Why would an old man shoot and kill his urologist in the torso?


Back in the good old days, one of Dr Dean Edell’s recurring topics was over treatment of prostate cancer.

The inventor of the PSA test is on a campaign to get doctors to stop using the PSA test as a screening tool. At best, it might be a little bit useful at monitoring the disease.

We know from autopsies that by age 80, almost all men have prostate cancer. It is extremely slow growing – the average time from diagnosis to death is 20 years. The 5 year survival rate is 98% with no treatment.

As Don Imus has found out and is now shouting from the mountain top, Prostate cancer is the most over treated disease in America. Most men will die from something else long before their prostate cancer spreads.

Aggressive early intervention often leaves men impotent and incontinent. There is your motive.

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  1. popsmayhem says:

    Art I hate these stories… The last thing I want to be is impotent and incontinent..

    I don’t see life expectancy to increase to much over the next 50 years at least for the poor folks on obamacare. aye aye aye make it go away!!

    • Art Stone says:

      I don’t know if this matches this situation, but Beck in particular is warning about the provision in Obamacare requiring doctors to ask about gun ownership. Let me craft a not so hypothetical conversation in the near future.

      Jim Bob: hey doc, I’m back again – my wife left me. Since you forced me to take diuretics, we haven’t been able to have sex. Is this pill really necessary? My BP is only 135/85.
      Doc: I’m the doctor here. I’m only doing what’s good for you. How do you feel about your wife leaving you?
      Jim Bob: it’s damn depressing. It sucks to be alone. I’m not sure what to do.
      Doc: You mentioned feeling depressed. Do you ever think about killing yourself?
      Jim Bob: no, I’m not like that. I’ll work it out.
      Doc: Jim Bob – do you own any guns?
      Jim Bob: That’s none of you god damn business – you’re my doctor, not the a spy for Homeland Security.
      Doc: well, actually the law does require me to ask and for you to answer. I don’t want to be responsible for you murdering innocent school children, understand?
      Jim Bob: you’ve heard of the Second Amendment, right? And the 4th about probable cause and the 5th about not incriminating myself?
      Doc: if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.
      Jim Bob: I’m not going to answer your questions
      Doc: hmmm well, I guess you leave me little choice. You admit you’re depressed, you’re lashing out at me and all I’m doing is trying to help you – but I’m concerned enough about your well being that I’m sending you to a psychiatrist for an evaluation. If you don’t agree and take the medication she prescribes, the Sheriff will be coming by to take your guns and put them in a safe location.
      Jim Bob: Okay, I get it. Maybe next time I’m here for a visit, I’ll show you my gun collection
      Doc: ummm That really won’t be necessary. I’ll put “yes” on the BATF form and we’ll see how your employer and health insurance company feel about your reckless disregard for your safety. That probably shouldn’t hurt your credit report too much…

  2. Art Stone says:

    Part 2: Why would a 70 year old man shoot the head of a Phoenix company that does offshore outsourcing?


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