Food Hubs – the future of food distribution

Corporations making profits are just so inefficient

USDA on Food Hubs

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3 Responses to Food Hubs – the future of food distribution

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Central Planning (1917-1991) is the new Jesus Christ. People kill it for what seems like a few days and it comes back to life.

    • Art Stone says:

      At least based on the past, the next step will be famine, then moving young people out to the farms to harvest crops by hand

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        The current step in Argentina (and to a much lesser extent here so far) is price controls on food as the central banks print money.

        As the cost to produce food begins to exceed the price one can obtain for it, then come the famines.

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