GE – we bring crappy light bulbs to life

I’ve never had light bulbs that burn out so fast – I wonder why?


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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    How many web masters does it take to change a light bulb? … sorry, I just couldn’t resist. 😉

  2. Nidster says:

    Should we stock-up on incandescants now? Of course contry of origin is important. Sorry for your bad experience.

  3. Parrott says:

    Yeah that crazy Immelt closed the plant GE had in Winchester Virginia several years back .

    (how do you get the hyperlink?)
    oh well, everyone workee at china-mart so we can buy bulbs from Mexico.
    Vi Va La Revolution !

  4. Parrott says:

    Oh it hyper-linked automatically. ok cool

  5. Art Stone says:

    I have a theory that they’ve been replacing the tungsten filaments with hemp fibers.

  6. Art Stone says:

    It just hit me why – GE wants people disgusted with incandescent light bulbs.

    In the kitchen, I have 5 lights on a track lighting fixture. All 5 were working two days ago. Now only two – the ones still working are the originals in place when I moved in last August

  7. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Methinks they just don’t make them they way they used to.

    At least the new CFL models found a new use for mercury now that they don’t put it in thermometers and Freddie’s dead. Yes, that’s what I said.

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