David Petraeus accepts teaching job at CUNY

David Petraeus (pronounced bee-tray-us) – former military commander in Afghanistan and Iraq, and briefly CIA director has accepted a job teaching public policy at City University of New York (CUNY)

In its heyday, CUNY was the epicenter of socialism. There was no tuition and no admissions criteria. Be a “student” forever. It has 540,000 students and is run by the City of New York. It was created in its current form by Nelson Rockefeller in 1961.

Petraeus holds a PhD from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University (you Glenn Beck fans know what that means)

So take that into consideration of how that fits into your view of the CIA and US Military

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  1. Nidster says:

    I consider it to be good news that Petraeus accepted a teaching job at CUNY. The man is brilliant and above all, very cunning, very smart. This could very well be a good position for observation and a obfuscated position to launch an operation or two.

    Petraeus, pronounced bee-tray-us by the woman who most likely had inside
    knowledge of Ben Gazi and how things really went down. Anyway, Petraeus was an
    accomplished military commander in Iraq who was credited with turning the tide against al-Queda and brilliantly executed the infamous ‘Surge’ offensive in Iraq, which was the beginning of the end of al-Queda’s brutal terrorist role in Iraq. When the US forces dropped a pair of 500 pound bombs on al-Queda’s leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi it was the tipping point that caused the Shia Muslim tribal factions in Iraq to finally accept and rally in support of the role of the USA.

    Petraeus went on to command the US forces in Afghanistan before accepting the position as the Director of the CIA. When da ObamaNation sought to destroy Petraeus by means of his sexual escapades, Petraeus was given the opportunity to step-down gracefully from his gig as the Director and was expected to fade quietly into the background. Accepting a teaching job at CUNY probably qualifies as remaining in the background.

    One wonders if Petraeus wisely held onto any recorded video evidence of the cowardly, traitorous actions of POTUS and the woman who is married to a former POTUS? She did take responsibility, sorta, for the bad handling of the situation during her trip to Chile. Any bets regarding whether or not there could be some big-time breaking news in October 2016? How cunning and smart is he really?

  2. Nidster says:

    Burning Man questions abound:

    1) where was POTUS when Ben Gazi was unfolding?

    2) Since POTUS alone could authorize military force where was POTUS?

    3) Was POTUS hiding in the basement?

    4) Was POTUS giving extra-ordinary attention to Jay Carney?

    5) was POTUS showing-off the sharp crease in his pants to the press corpse?

    6) was POTUS giving Chris Matthews another tingle-up-his-leg?

    • Art Stone says:

      I’ll take a guess – President Obama has been pretty clear he doesn’t want the US involved in Syria. For whatever their reasons, the CIA and State Department do.

      So when told that the person who was coordinating the running of weapons to support the overthrow of Castro…. Errrr Assad, he told the CIA they were on their own to get their asses out of the mess they created.

  3. Nidster says:

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
    Ben Ghazie will tell all.
    Hillary made the Call,
    Petrayeus took the Fall.

    Blind Sheik ‘n ole King Tut,
    Morrsi had it all sewn up.
    Obama had other plans, so
    Stevens took it in da Butt.

  4. Nidster says:

    Well, well, well, according to Reggie Love, da ObamaNation was playing a card game called ‘Spades’ whilst da Hillary (or was it da Valarie’Jarrett) enjoyed the real time porno vids and escapades of the Syrians branch of Al Queda?

    Reggie Love is a very, very, very, very close associate to da ObamaNation. So, who can doubt his authenticity?

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