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MAY we hep you?

May brings the beginning of new optimistic living things growing from the energy of those that came before. And golf.

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House unanimously passes Music Royalty reform act The NAB likes this proposed law as it retains the feature that over the air radio does not pay royalties to the performers. SoundExchange likes the law because it is based on their model for music that is … Continue reading

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Parting of the Ways

Ever since my medical episode in 2009, an Apple iPhone has been within reach.  Counting  the one Countess has, I have purchased 4 iPhones and 3 iPads since then. There is a rumor that Apple has already canned the iPhone … Continue reading

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A Life Changer

Back when I was a young man, I gave my sister one of these. At the time, she was recently married with her first of three children. With a husband who might have to work late, or when she had … Continue reading

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Milepost for the future of AM

One of the stations that Entercom acquired from CBS Radio is WJFK-AM in the Washington DC beltway. The class B signal solidly covers all of D.C. and can be heard as far North as Baltimore and South to Fredericksburg. So … Continue reading

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Yahoo updates its TOS

Yahoo is now owned by Verizon, of course. The lawyers have gotten around to screwing over their customers, probably partly because of the new European privacy rules. Yahoo has an abysmal record on security, which I can attest to personally. … Continue reading

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Mignon Clyburn heads for the exit

The daughter of Jim Clyburn, the third ranking Democrat in the US House has quit the FCC Commission. Her only other credential to being on the FCC commission was that she ran a weekly newspaper targeted at getting black South … Continue reading

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Art Bell finds out the truth about Chupacabras

The Nye (NV) Sheriff’s Department is reporting that 72 year old serial talk show host Art Bell was found dead at his home on Friday the 13th. An autopsy will be performed next week.

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The fate of the Imus Ranch

Don Imus frequently talked about and raised money for his ranch in New Mexico. It was organized as a non-profit in 1999 for the purpose of housing children with cancer during the summer. He built a 21,000 square foot home … Continue reading

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New York City retail is dead The New York Post story blames Amazon, not the Socialist mayor and former mayor Bloomberg. The current socialist mayor has gone so far as to suggest landlords who leave storefronts empty be hit with an extra tax possibly because … Continue reading

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