GlaxoSmithKline holds my future in their hands

What a shocker.

The DNS is provided by a company called This came about because the company that was providing my web server for $400+ a month had an outage at their Chicago facility that is guaranteed to never have an outage back in the days. That left me dead in the water and I had to quickly find an alternative DNS provider and I found EasyDNS. They’re based in Canada and have done a very good job – every time a person tries to go to this web site for the first time, the DNS system has to figure out where that computer is and send them here.

My DNS service runs out in 90 days – and I got an email from “Big Pharma” telling me they now own my DNS service. That doesn’t thrill me. One of the dirty little NSA type secrets is the folks providing DNS get a view into the folks who visit a web site they host the domains for (and your ISP as well and everyone in between protentially).

If you’re using Google’s “Free” DNS @ or – you’re getting a really good DNS lookup service for free – but basically everything you do is going right to Google (not the page info, just the domains you’re accessing like 8^P

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  1. Art Stone says:

    EasyDNS sent a follow up email – it was a silly mistake – never mind!

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