Who showed Eric Cantor the door?

Eric Cantor is the 2nd most important Republican in the US House of Representatives. He represents the mostly white, mostly Republican, affluent part of Richmond Virginia – the 7th Congressional district.

He lost his primary race to an economics professor from a small liberal arts college who had only about $80,000 to spend on his campaign.

background and results

Cantor lost by about 6,000 votes in light turnout. While the TEA party is claiming this trophy, Virginia has an open primary and there was no Democratic Party contest. It’s very likely Democrats unseated Cantor.

As Wikipedia is quick to point out, Cantor is the only Jewish Republican in Congress and a prolific fundraiser.

A few years ago, when US Senator (and Democratic VP candidate) Joe Lieberman from Connecticut was defeated in his primary race by a more radical left wing Democrat, the Republican Party in Connecticut abandoned their own candidate and supported Joe Lieberman’s successful “independent Democrat” candidacy. The establishment is about power, not political party.

Even though the 7th Va. district normally votes 60% Republican, it’s a pretty safe bet Democrats will take this seat – unless of course there is an NSA
File on David Brat or there is a friend from high school who creates a story that he once said something hurtful to a minority group – in which case maybe Eric Cantor could still reclaim his seat.

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  1. briand75 says:

    It’s an interesting thought – Dems move to remove Cantor by voting for a more conservative candidate who isn’t a real threat. That’s dicey, however. Cantor is a pliable cross-aisle Republican. His power was needed for such issues as immigration reform (read: amnesty) and advancing the overall progressive agenda. The Democratic candidate is a professor at the same college as Brat. You can’t write stories like this.

  2. jackkeats says:

    Answer: Eric Cantor.
    Maybe the statists will get the idea, government isn’t the answer, it’s the problem.
    If the house majority leader, in a “safe” district can’t hold onto his seat, it may be a sign that the pendulum is swinging back the other way, towards some freedom.
    Oh, what am I saying? That the single female American voter might pull her face out of the public trough? That the black voter might begin to remember that the only reason they’re not still slaves is because the confederate democrats were stopped and that a democrat held congress was outvoted to pass the civil rights act? That the recently legal American voter realize their migrant cousins are driving their wages down? That stockholders stop management from financially supporting those who are taxing US business offshore so that eventually the domestic market that we all depend on completely collapses due to real unemployment exceeding 35%? That we demand that our government quit lying to us about inflation which has doubled the price of just about everything in this last six years? Naaaahh. It’ll never happen!

  3. jackkeats says:

    By the way, the official count showed a 40 increase in turnout.

  4. Art Stone says:

    Washington Post doesn’t think Democrats caused Cantor to lose


    The County that skewed the most to Brat was where Patrick Henry lived.

  5. Art Stone says:

    Cantor to step down as House Majority Leader July 31st


    Nancy Pelosi all smiles….

  6. Larry Kudlow says he talked to Cantor’s pollster Wednesday. They were shocked by the big turnout. Maybe that’s why Cantor’s polls showing him leading by 35 points last week were so dreadfully wrong.

  7. The Democrat in VA 7 is no threat. He hasn’t even filed papers with the FEC yet. Professor Brat will win big.

  8. Art Stone says:

    Oddly, the Hufington Post was urging Democrats to vote in the Republican primary


  9. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Serious posting here. Here is the real answer and the mainstream media missed it completely. Eric Cantor tried to oust Chris Stearns and Chris’s supporters from the Virginia Republican Party leadership positions that they fought hard for and won in 2012. Chris and his supporters were removed from power but managed to regain it back from Eric Cantor’s mainstream goons.

    Who is Chris Streans? He was the leader of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign in Virginia and fought to elect delegates to the 2012 Republican convention that would vote for Ron on the first round.

    Here is the Red State article and CNN article. Neither connects the dots for you as I just did:



    “No one could have possibly seen this coming!” lol

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