Entercom’s 2 minute promise

Entercom is trying an experiment in Seattle

Press Release

KNDD-FM (The End) plays “alternative” music and will now limit commercial breaks to two minutes, three times an hour


The station has about a 3% share -they own 4 stations in the market.

The idea is that if the number of commercials are cut in half, they’ll be more valuable because the station will attract more better listeners who will actually listen to the ads

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6 Responses to Entercom’s 2 minute promise

  1. briand75 says:

    This begs the question: “Does anyone really listen to the ads?” I know I can repeat some from rote because day after day of having a message spoken means I memorize it whether I like it or not. All in all, I despise commercials altogether. I would support that format for the simple fact of less ads.

  2. They can easily plan this out, because there are no actual human beings working at these stations.

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