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Cox sells its radio division to early SiriusXM investor

Cox’s fortune was the result of the work of James M. Cox, a newspaper owner from Dayton Ohio, who ran for President in 1920 for the Democrats, with a young Franklin Delano Roosevelt as his Vice President. He lost in … Continue reading

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1,000 new FM “stations” to save AM

The FCC gave AM stations an opportunity to request an FM translator without requiring them to buy an existing license. Around 1,000 licenses have been applied for. Here is The List When this process is complete, most AM stations will … Continue reading

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Chris Christie’s Radio debut

WFAN decided to give New Jersey governor Chris Christie a sports radio DJ tryout. Well, it certainly got a reaction.

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Cumulus launches rights plan The market capitalization of Cumulus Media (NASDAQ: CMLS) is down to a mere $14 million, carrying debt of around $2.4 billion. The board just executed a preferred rights agreement intended to block a takeover attempt if any owner or … Continue reading

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Clark Howard hospitalized Clark Howard needed to have a chat with Don Imus. Imus has made warning the public about the overtreatment of benign prostate cancer his mission in life. Rhabdomyolysis is the situation in which your kidneys are overwhelmed … Continue reading

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The end of AM radio

It is painfully obvious now that the way the FCC is going to “save” AM radio is to destroy it. Part of the dowry that arrived with the Countess is a Bose wave radio. Other than infrequent use inside the … Continue reading

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The Urge to Merge

A media merger that has been speculated about since the NAB convention has happened.   TV companies that got cash windfall from the spectrum auction are in a buying mood. One such company is Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair owns around … Continue reading

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FCC formally proposes ending Main Studio rule

With some exceptions, all radio stations are required to have a “main studio”, which is open and staffed during business hours within close proximity to the community of service where the radio station is located. FCC proposal The new Republican … Continue reading

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Hugh Hewitt in talks with MSNBC When Hewitt took over for Bill Bennett to do the 6-9 AM shift, I wondered if he was going to last as a morning guy. The purported MSNBC show would be an evening show, so it seems unlikely Hewitt … Continue reading

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“Going concern” warning expected for IheartMedia

Marketwatch Story In the accounting business, one of the obligations of auditors is to evaluate whether the business has the resources and income to sustain itself as a business in the future. When the auditor feels the obligation to issue … Continue reading

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