Overnights – more triage

Between midnight and 6 AM Eastern time, about 35 people visit the website during the six hour period. Keep in mind that’s 9 PM on the West Coast.

During that time period, Nielsen ratings don’t count. There are only two programs that people listen to in significant numbers – coast-to-coast and red eye Radio, and perhaps the final hour of John Batchelor. Jon Grayson and Kate Delaney have little interest. The rest of the listeners are catching random delayed broadcast shows available during the day.

Well that’s nice, but with triage you have to let the patients die who aren’t worth trying to save those that have a chance of survival. Testing streams at 3 AM means I’m not awake during the day, that’s got to stop. What that means is about 90% of the overnight schedule is being tossed overboard. Alex Jones, Tom Lykis, the Salem radio hosts, and sports radio have 24 hour days streams for insomniacs.

So if you just have to find a station that carries Dennis Miller at 4 AM, you’re on your own. Most of the weekend schedule is also being thrown overboard.

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  1. janderson says:

    Weekends: I hope Crowley, Gun Talk, & Armed America survive the purge.

  2. Parrott says:

    Right now while some the links are available, click on the radio show link box on the main SRG page: ‘where it list the shows you like’.
    When the show starts playing, look up at your ‘address bar’ on your browser.
    (Like for WMAL ) http://player.streamtheworld.com/_players/citadel/?sid=1057
    That is the link to the audio stream. (one of my favorites)

    Highlight that address and right mouse click and in the popup choose ‘copy’ or it may say, ‘Copy Link location’ Choose those and click it
    You can press ‘Ctrl’ ‘C’ keys at the same time to copy a highlighted address
    Press ‘Ctrl’ ‘V’ to paste that copied line.

    Open your favorite text editor, like notepad, or even word. Or if you have one like UltraEdit and paste that link on your page. On the right side, in fron of the pasted line, type the name of the station or the name of the show and put some space between it and the link you just pasted on that same line, That will be your link.

    That way you can copy ‘Your link’ from your text page that you save for your shows. Copy all of your favorite shows/stations, to your text page
    Then you can paste your link on the address line of your browser when you want to listen.
    You can add as many as you like on your text page and save the file locally on your computer as for example named : Station_List.txt
    Nice and simple. If you have any questions just post them her and I’ll try to answer them for you. Do that while the weekend list is still available today.
    Best regards

    • Art Stone says:

      You’re working way too hard.

      At the bottom of each page for a program, there is a link that says “Export to CSV”. It doesn’t require you to logon, and doesn’t exclude those that are redundant.

      You will need some program that understands .csv comma delimited format, which is basically everything, since the format goes back to MSDOS days, maybe even before that.

      You’ll have a list of the station, the time, the home page of the radio station, and the streaming URL.

      BUT – this list will no longer be maintained beyond what is visible, and don’t write me to tell me “Hey, W123 no longer carries Bob Brinker and he’s still in your CSV export file!.

      For example, Bob Brinker’s 96 affiliates, of which I now only list 8 while the show is live:

      Probably half of those are stations that carry baseball and/or football on Sunday afternoons and only have his program for a few months in late winter.

      That CSV extract has been there for at least 3 years when I encouraged people to save off local copies of the data (just in case), or if you want to set up a competing web site, knock yourself out.

      Oh, and you’re welcome.

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