We’re just here to help – let us in or we’ll kill you


The connection here is WUUA-FM in Glen Spey, New York is an all Ukranian radio station that shares its licensee name with the office Stephen Demchuk quoted in the story. Another officer shot and killed the man who told the police he was fine and to just go away. His niece was outside the door and police refused to allow her to help calm him down.

This could be me some day.

The really outrageous thing in the story is the assertion by CNN that there is such a thing as an illegal alcohol level when you’re inside your own apartment.

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  1. TheChairman says:

    The most revealing quote was from Mr. Chamberlain, when he responded to the dispatcher from ‘Full Life Aid’ (such irony) about his situation and condition:

    “Yes, this is (an) emergency, I have the White Plains Police Department knocking on my door and I did not call them and I am not sick.”

    No truer words have been spoken. He was certainly sober enough to use pure logic –under duress– to identify the real threat to his life… and his assessment was correct.

    It’s a bizarre twist on Farenheit 451: the ‘police’ arrive first, and then the PARAmedics arrive to do clean-up. The new title could be Obamacare 911.

    Of course, he was from a domestic terrorist group which the SPLC has been advising police departments to be on high-alert: veterans.

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