Joe Franklin is dead–obit-joe_franklin-78900b810e.html

I mostly know Joe Franklin from watching WWOR TV on cable in the 1980s. If you don’t know New York, you learn just what an interesting place it can be.

I hope Joey Reynolds pops his head onto national media to share memories. They have a lot in common.

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  1. foyle says:

    I vaguely remember seeing Franklin’s show a few times on WOR on cable way back in the early 1980’s. I had a friend with NY ties who introduced me to the show.

    As for the clip you attached, it cracks me up every time Franklin refers to The Ramones as the “Ray-moans”.

    Speaking of the Ramones, all of the original members are dead, Marky joined in 1978 and is the closest thing to an original Ramone still breathing.
    Gabba, gabba, hey!

    • Art Stone says:

      At 3 AM, the choices were either Joe Franklin or the late Gene Scott smoking cigars and screaming at people that Jesus wants them to send him money for his race horse farm.

      That video pretty much captures the essence of Franklin to the extent I experienced it. He starts out by asking them if they know who he is. He has no real idea who they are and would play along with pretty much any answer they make up.

      This is a variant on the Larry King “I never read an author’s book before they come on the show because that way the audience learns as I learn”. That I basically accept. I don’t remember learning anything from watching Franklin’s shows. Maybe if I had lived on the Upper West side and remembered Vaudeville and summered in the Catskills in my youth, he would have been interesting.

      I poked around to see what Joey Reynolds has been up to, and came up empty. Maybe he is busy delivering cheesecakes door to door in Harlem. He did post a message on the 23rd to his defunct Facebook page saying “God works in mysterious ways”

  2. briand75 says:

    The end of an era to be sure. May you rest in peace, Joe.

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