Happy First Net Neutrality Day


Mignon Clyburn will surely have a smile on her face this morning as she votes to neuter Rush Limbo.

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2 Responses to Happy First Net Neutrality Day

  1. Art Stone says:

    Shockingly the measure passed 3-2. Let the 10 year legal battle begin

  2. Parrott says:

    Valerie told them,” you better get control of the ‘al-gore amazing Internet’, or I am sending your ass to Guam ! And it could tip over at any time !
    They( the three FCC _ _ _ _ _) are common whores that sold themselves for the thirty pieces of silver.
    Government is corrupt and just getting worse. No clinton or Bush will fix it either.
    Hillary will make women wear berkas if she is president and the princes in Qutar or the boys in Algeria yank her chain . They bought her too, (the 30 pieces of silver again) . a lot of power and money.
    I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes either at the end. ( or the three FCC _ _ _ _ either)
    just sayin

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