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Is the government exaggerating hurricane threats?

Rush has pushed himself into the middle of this controversy, accusing NOAA, NASA, FEMA and the National Weather Service of hyping the danger of hurricanes in part to further the narrative about “global climate change” This definitely has some truth … Continue reading

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Limbaugh to hang around

Yesterday, I read Rush’s segment celebrating 28 years on radio and my reaction was he was laying the capstone on his career. An important aspect of negotiating is convincing the other party that you are prepared to walk away from … Continue reading

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Alex Jones has arrived

The bigger world is starting to know who Alex Jones is. The Republican nominee knows who he is and doors are opening. On Thursday’s show, he did most of an hour with Milo with a very warm and interesting conversation … Continue reading

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Rushing Home

Has it been 8 years already? Tom Taylor reminds the radio world that Rush’s 8 year, $200 million contract with Premiere Radio (iHeart/Clear Channel) ends in the next few weeks, as the company is fending off lawsuits trying to pull … Continue reading

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NATO chief – Russia is behind the anti-fracking movement

[Written June 29, 2014] This is one of the longest standing beliefs of Rush Limbaugh – that Greenpeace and other environmental groups are motivated by forces wanting to destroy the US economic influence, not really protect the environment

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NY Times weighs in on Cruz/Trump on talk radio For the NY Times, this is an amazingly objective fact based summary. Conservatives were not called names. It has a picture of Michael Savage in his studio (in 2007). They explain the situation with Limbaugh, Savage, Laura Ingraham, Glenn … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh: Let’s just elect Democrats Drudge slugged the story that Rush wants to disband the Republican Party, I’ve seen this movie before, too. For the next year, Rush will fuel dissent within the Republican Party, then about October 15, 2016 will announce there is … Continue reading

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Don’t bet your life on Lifelock

It always seemed odd to hear ads proclaiming that within a short period of signing up for Lifelock and turning over all your sensitive personal information to them, thieves started trying to steal your identity. Coincidence? If you listen carefully … Continue reading

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If you’re tired of the worthless junk flooding politico, and any page Matt Drudge links to, here is the original treasure trove of crap on Google Groups First thing to know going in is this isn’t a place … Continue reading

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iHeart (Clear Channel) buys two Disney stations

WIBC is dropping Rush Limbaugh in Indianapolis – one of the station’s iHeart is buying is there.  It’s the only FM station Disney is unloading.  It might be unrelated.  Maybe a Rush should form a radio company and buy up … Continue reading

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