Czar Power

No here! I leave Agile Software Development in the dust. This should be live in an hour or so as I do a little more testing and cleanup.



Click the image if it is fuzzy

Charlottenc is the czar of North Carolina and Easy Listening Music.   This station used no Keywords, didn’t set a Description and the facebook link is broken!

If you pull up the station editor, and you are a CZAR, you have all of the editing powers I do. This ability will not be handed out lightly. Nothing you do here is permanently broken, and everything is logged.

Just invoking the editor causes facebook stats to be updated (or fail to update!). In this example, the editor found what looks like a streaming player – click the link it suggests (as long as it looks reasonable) – if it is right, click Yes! and that becomes the player. Test it again and click OK to confirm the update.

Keep in mind if there is a choice, pick the one that will work for most people, not the one that works best for you.

A word of caution – you have the ability to change the format of the station – however if you change the format to one where you are not the czar, you can’t get it back!  

Changing the format to “No Web Site” clears all information for the station, so do that with caution – however if you are sure the station has a new web site, it can be easier to reset it and start over.  Everyone is the Czar of No Web Site!

It isn’t possible to change the State of a station, of course.

Is that a fire breathing dragon ahead?

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  1. Art Stone says:

    It is worth mentioning that what you do on this page is doing things by remote control. The radio station only sees the web server, and Facebook isn’t seeing what you do. If you do open the actual web site or play the stream, then you are interacting with the less safe part of the world.

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