StreamTheWorld LivePlayer – 1.6 MB

Liveplayer is the Targetspot version of the basic STW player.

What it does:

Downloads a 219k “General Ad Server” Flash App
Says “Hi” to Google Analytics
Gets configuration info via XML
loads the player Flash App (144k)
downloads a 1 MB video ad (on this test) and plays it
Starts streaming the audio

Relatively low bloat factor, and not promiscious

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1 Response to StreamTheWorld LivePlayer – 1.6 MB

  1. Parrott says:

    I always liked ‘Stream the World’ . WJCW had a older version of ‘Stream the World’ and it loaded very quick. It was just basic. Now they have a newer version and it loads a video. Bummer.
    But KKAR has a real good version of ‘ Stream the World’. It loads quick , no video.

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