Obamacare 2, Repeal & Replace 0

Let the hysterical conspiracy theories begin. I told you before the 2012 election that repealing Obamacare was a lie and impossible to do. Even if Republican win in 2016 and have 60 Senate votes, the roots will be way too deep. Private medical insurance for individuals no longer exists.

Two of the major players in Group Health Insurance are living on borrowed time. Anthem Blue Cross is pursuing CIGNA, and United Health Care wants to take over Aetna. By 2017, there will not be any insurance companies to “go back to”.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Aetna has just announced it is acquiring Humana. A few more mergers and we’ll have de facto single payer insurance


  2. Art Stone says:

    This decision is going to provoke some change in my life – whether it is positive or negative only time will tell. A possible consequence could be this web site going away. I’m going to throw myself on the mercy of the Health Care System. It’s within the realm of likely outcomes that I may get to a point that doing this becomes impossible or imprudent use of my time. I think in the past week, I arrived close to the edge of septicemia which is very lethal – not dissimilar to my situation in 2009.

    If sunflowers eat my brains, Brian is in charge if he’s unwise enough to want the responsibility, but bluntly he’s the only person actively helping at this point.

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