Introducing “Hide All Players of this Type”

Bow before the new mighty icon

So you don’t ever want to see a Clear Channel Player?   uStream?  Flash?

Wherever you see that icon, you can make every station using that player vanish with one click (if you have an account and are logged in)

Change your mind?   No problem – bring up the player list and un-hide it.   The link to see all the player types is down at the bottom of the page where all the icons are explained.

Not all players can be hidden / unhidden – only if they are part of a known group of similar players.

Most of the highly used pages have been changed to support this, but not all.   There might be a few loose ends dangling around, so watch your step 🙂   I only started this yesterday.

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3 Responses to Introducing “Hide All Players of this Type”

  1. Parrott says:

    cool, No Silverlight 🙂
    I have never downloaded it, When WRVA started requiring it, I quit listening to them.

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