LPFM pushes back

Operators of Low Power FM stations are pushing back of the rules the NAB/FCC imposed to make it impossible for them to survive, after having been authorized by Congress close to 15 years ago. Since they operate at 100 watts or less, they create a minimal interference issue, but if they were legally allowed to sell advertising, they would be a threat to commercial stations – as they are more efficient at reaching people in small towns than buying ads from the “big” station 30 miles away in the big city.


The powers-that-be behind LPFM (the Promethius project) made a serious tactical mistake. They viewed “commercial” radio as the enemy, being the collectivist a that they are. Unless they are being paid by the government or happen to be rich and benevolent see: Bob Denver), the people who work at the LPFM stations need an income, the power and rent have to be paid, and ASCAP/BMI/SESAC want to be paid for using music. Few LPFM stations can generate enough money to fund operations from fund raiser begat jobs.

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