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Meet Vincent Alexander

You find the most interesting people looking for radio station owners Mr Alexander is the principle behind the non-partisan St Martin Parish Voter’s League, which operates KVTZ-LPFM in Breaux Bridge Louisiana (or at least has the license). He is … Continue reading

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Unweaving the web

With most of the visible radio stations checked for the first time in six months, additional things are being added to help track down the people and organizations behind radio applications, of which Low Power FM radio stations can be … Continue reading

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The NRA should buy up all these dead LPFM stations

Being “out” in Alaska didn’t work out One of the rules to prevent LPFM becoming viable competition against commercial radio is that licenses cannot be sold, only transferred. Any money that changes hands is limited to the value of the … Continue reading

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The Fruit from the tree of LPFM

Congress authorized the FCC about 15 Years ago to hand out Low Power FM non-commercial licenses with a maximum power of 100 watts. The FCC dragged their tail, stalling for 10 years to give others a chance to jump in … Continue reading

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Behold the Talk Radio “Metro” station Behold K283CC – started this week in Des Moines, Iowa, operated by Saga Communications, which has been very aggressive in creating “metro” FM translators. Few people listen to the sub channels on digital HD radio (HD2/3/4), but by saying … Continue reading

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The HDx fed FM translator “problem”

Part of the reason for the flurry of HDRadio posts is the issue of FM translators (FX) being “fed” by HD 2/3/4 channels, to essentially carve out a brand new FM radio station that doesn’t even count against the BigRadio™ … Continue reading

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LPFM pushes back

Operators of Low Power FM stations are pushing back of the rules the NAB/FCC imposed to make it impossible for them to survive, after having been authorized by Congress close to 15 years ago. Since they operate at 100 watts … Continue reading

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You can perform gay marriages!

KXOK-LPFM in Modesto California appears to be affiliated with First Nation Ministry, which offers to certify that you are qualified to perform marriages of all types in most places.

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Is Jennifer Smart smarter than Art Stone?

Jennifer Smart Foundation She loves animals and the environment… And runs a radio station. Who could argue with that? She was 14 in 2011 so my Common Core math (20-14 + 2017-2015 + 2020-2010) says she is now 18

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Gourd Radio

I like surprises, unless they involve sunflowers. Looking for new Low Power FM stations recently coming on the air, one that jumped out is KEPP-LPFM, located in Epps Louisiana (Population 823). If you’ve spent any time in Louisiana, you know … Continue reading

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