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Meet Vincent Alexander

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

You find the most interesting people looking for radio station owners

Mr Alexander is the principle behind the non-partisan St Martin Parish Voter’s League, which operates KVTZ-LPFM in Breaux Bridge Louisiana (or at least has the license). He is a veteran and operates a number of interesting businesses – a self storage place, an insurance agency, a loan broker, and to help achieve his goal of reducing violent crime, he operates a bail bond agency.

In 2011, he ran as an independent candidate for district 96 of the Louisiana legislature and received 505 votes

Unweaving the web

Monday, December 26th, 2016

With most of the visible radio stations checked for the first time in six months, additional things are being added to help track down the people and organizations behind radio applications, of which Low Power FM radio stations can be hard to find.

The first one I tried (by searching on the address and name on the application) turned up immediate results. WJUI-LPFM in New Jersey is licensed to the lofty named

Following the breadcrumbs brought me to Rabbi Jedidiah Perr, who is in the middle of a liberal vs Conservative controversy within the Jewish community.

It’s a pretty long story, but does hint at the types of organizations that want an LPFM radio license

The NRA should buy up all these dead LPFM stations

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Being “out” in Alaska didn’t work out

One of the rules to prevent LPFM becoming viable competition against commercial radio is that licenses cannot be sold, only transferred. Any money that changes hands is limited to the value of the equipment

The Fruit from the tree of LPFM

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Congress authorized the FCC about 15 Years ago to hand out Low Power FM non-commercial licenses with a maximum power of 100 watts. The FCC dragged their tail, stalling for 10 years to give others a chance to jump in line for available FM frequencies. Because 100 watts goes no further than 5 miles, these require very little oversight and squeeze in between existing station.

There is a huge backlog now of these to research. Often, there is very little information to track down, and I can’t waste an hour on each one. But this one you might find interesting.

Cheryl Rilea was listed on the application of WCKP-LPFM in Ocala Florida, which is technically licensed to the “AGAPE WORLD CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES AND TRAINING CENTER, INC”

The organization and call sign was a dead end, but the phone number and address matches up with Ms Riley’s business as a nutrionist, dietician, massage therapist and colon cleaner. Poking around a bit more, I find a Seventh Day Adventist connection. There is some disagreement within SDA whether they are required to be vegetarians.

Massage Therapy

With a distinctive last name, it is easier to find out the religious beliefs which motivated her to start a radio station. She has YouTube videos!

Some times you have to crack some eggs. Enjoy!

Has anyone here ever listened to an LPFM station? Given their limited range, you are not likely to hear one in your car. My sister in New York lived about one block from one and was unaware it existed.

Behold the Talk Radio “Metro” station

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Behold K283CC – started this week in Des Moines, Iowa, operated by Saga Communications, which has been very aggressive in creating “metro” FM translators. Few people listen to the sub channels on digital HD radio (HD2/3/4), but by saying you intend to retransmit an HD channel using an analog FM translator, you essentially create a new FM station for the cost of an FM translator license. As a bonus, the new FM translator doesn’t count against the per market ownership caps. In theory, that could mean one owner having 15 or more FM stations in a market.

The down side is FM translators are limited to 250 watts, but if you mount it up very high in the air, that can cover most of a major city. I like to call them Low Power commercial FM stations, mirroring the NAB’s fight against the LPFM non- profits cluttering up “their band”

K283CC coverage map (250 watts)
KAZR FM Analog map (100,000 watts)

You can see that 250 watts is almost as good as 100,000 unless your target demographic is corn plants growing in the sun making ethanol,

This is the first metro station I remember running a conventional conservative talk format.

The HDx fed FM translator “problem”

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Part of the reason for the flurry of HDRadio posts is the issue of FM translators (FX) being “fed” by HD 2/3/4 channels, to essentially carve out a brand new FM radio station that doesn’t even count against the BigRadio™ limit on number of stations in a market. While the FX is limited to 250 watts, put it on the tallest building in town, and your $20k translator becomes worth millions of dollars. Is the HDx channel even “on the air?” Who has the time to check? All that matters is the technicalities were met. The incentives to do this are just too strong, HDx fed translators are not going away, and they have the bonus of blocking new LPFM stations from being licensed. Goliath seems totally scared of David.

Case in point – from this morning’s newsbag
“93.7 K229CC Winterset will complete its move to downtown Des Moines as Country “93.7 The Outlaw” rebroadcasting 102.5 KSTZ-HD2. Positioned as “Legends & Young Guns” the new format will bring competition to Cumulus’ combo of “97.3 Nash-FM” KHKI and “92.5 Nash Icon” KJJY.”

Read More At:

This means it is highly probable that K229CC is going to sprout a web site and stream – it is a radio “station” that can be heard on existing radios. Nobody but lawyers care that it is really KSTZ/HD2. You’ll hear the two call signs at the required top of the ID, but it’s a pretty good bet high school students in Iowa won’t be asking each other if they lstened to K229CC last night. Making things even worse is FX call signs are tied to the frequency. On FM, changing transmitter frequencies is just an option in software. If the station has to (or wants to) change frequencies or towers, the process at the FCC doesn’t require nearly the paperwork – but if people did get used to K229FC, tomorrow it might be K232GJ.

Figuring out how to “not break” this when the FX call sign changes is a problem. There is no reason one HD channel couldn’t feed multiple translators in a metro area. You might hear the same “station” on 5 different frequencies by the time this runs its course. The “brand” will be “93.7 The Outlaw”, with no reference to the call sign

LPFM pushes back

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Operators of Low Power FM stations are pushing back of the rules the NAB/FCC imposed to make it impossible for them to survive, after having been authorized by Congress close to 15 years ago. Since they operate at 100 watts or less, they create a minimal interference issue, but if they were legally allowed to sell advertising, they would be a threat to commercial stations – as they are more efficient at reaching people in small towns than buying ads from the “big” station 30 miles away in the big city.

The powers-that-be behind LPFM (the Promethius project) made a serious tactical mistake. They viewed “commercial” radio as the enemy, being the collectivist a that they are. Unless they are being paid by the government or happen to be rich and benevolent see: Bob Denver), the people who work at the LPFM stations need an income, the power and rent have to be paid, and ASCAP/BMI/SESAC want to be paid for using music. Few LPFM stations can generate enough money to fund operations from fund raiser begat jobs.

You can perform gay marriages!

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

KXOK-LPFM in Modesto California appears to be affiliated with First Nation Ministry, which offers to certify that you are qualified to perform marriages of all types in most places.

Is Jennifer Smart smarter than Art Stone?

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Jennifer Smart Foundation

She loves animals and the environment… And runs a radio station. Who could argue with that? She was 14 in 2011 so my Common Core math (20-14 + 2017-2015 + 2020-2010) says she is now 18

Gourd Radio

Friday, July 10th, 2015

I like surprises, unless they involve sunflowers.

Looking for new Low Power FM stations recently coming on the air, one that jumped out is KEPP-LPFM, located in Epps Louisiana (Population 823). If you’ve spent any time in Louisiana, you know there is no “normal” in Louisiana.

The educational purpose of KEPP-LPFM is to Educate the public about gourd farming Norm and Pam get the music going at 7 AM – seems to be a mix of Country and Nostalgia. There is a lot of time to kill while those gourds are growing.

Unfortunately, they don’t stream