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If you go to Google Earth View to the East of Bakersfield California out in the fields of Almond trees near this intersection. I count about 30 boxcars all owned by Amtrak.


You could empty out a moderate sized city with those…


Here is some additional information


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    • Art Stone says:

      30 boxcars of almonds?

      The Express service still exists – it’s niche seems to be bicycles and dead bodies. There are so few Amtrak trains and they often run late that shippers on a tight schedule wouldn’t consider Amtrak. You apparently can also move your household goods, but that’s not practical (it was common before good roads – 150 years ago). Since few people have a rail siding in their front yard, it would mean loading and unloading twice, increasing the labor and risk of damage,

      My best guess is these cars were originally used by Amtrak back when they hauled mail for the Post Office. That ended in 2004. Most domestic mail with a transit time longer than a day is carried on airplanes even though you aren’t paying for “air mail”

      • Parrott says:

        You are correct Art, I think it was two Amtrak presidents back when they were competing for express. I can’t remember his name but he was pro-rail and a decent manager, but he got fired. I blame RINO senator Jon ‘Isis’ McCain. He was taking selfies with his Isis boys a while back, and stuck it to amtrak. He was saying ‘Amtrak you must be self sufficient, but we’re (GOV) going to keep subsidizing, buses, trucking companies and especially Airlines”.
        Good find Art !


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