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Bing me!

Bing and TuneIn have announced a partnership to make it easier to find the streaming radio stations nobody is searching for News Story Bing believes it can come up with 10,000 links for streaming radio stations. Trying to publish secret … Continue reading

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Marimba jobs Americans just won’t do

Shimon the Marimba bot Working to make Jazz great again NPR has 24×7 music channels called All Songs Considered heating up the annoyance with your local NPR affiliate, competing for the ear space of Public radio listeners Your New Robot … Continue reading

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2:20 PM on Wednesday

If you want to catch the United States off guard, that would be the time to do something. You may remember earlier in the Obama years, FEMA and the FCC conducted a mandatory test of the national Emergency Alert System. … Continue reading

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John McAfee is sure ISIS is trying to take down the Internet!

Parrot wanted to pass along this news story Copyright laws preclude publishing an entire article. John McAfee has no actual proof and no longer is affiliated with the antivirus software company, but you can take his theory to the … Continue reading

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Desktop streaming is dead

Maybe the FCC has saved AM radio, but nothing will save desktop computers. The just released metrics from Nielsen’s Triton digital is that 73.8% of all streaming is now done from mobile devices, mostly iDevices and Android.

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Zombie watch in Lakeland Florida

WWAB-AM slipped off the Internet – It’s an AM radio station in Lakeland Florida playing Gospel Music. The owner died earlier this year, but the story takes an unexpected twist. legacy of Richard Hughes Richard Hughes lived to age 87, … Continue reading

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‘Splain this

If you go to Google Earth View to the East of Bakersfield California out in the fields of Almond trees near this intersection. I count about 30 boxcars all owned by Amtrak. You could empty out a moderate sized city … Continue reading

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No Mas – OXI !

The Greeks have declared their independence from the bloodthirsty global bankers. Let the hunger games begin. Some observers note this is largely an inter generational fight. The people who are living in England milking their Greek government pension they started … Continue reading

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WMEX-AM sells for $165,000

The temporary Boston home of Howie Carr and the station that turned down Rush Limbaugh four times has just been sold. The station was previously owned by Microsoft’s Paul Allen and was bought for around $10 million. Out in California, … Continue reading

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Travis LeBlanc – a person you want to know

Travis LeBlanc is the head of the FCC Enforcement Bureau. Tom Wheeler put him in that position. He’s clearly an Obama technocrat. I see big changes already, and they are positive. As I’m going through the list, it is … Continue reading

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