SRN Radio News is changing

Salem Radio is renaming the “Top of the hour” news service branded as SRN News.. It is being replaced by “News from” on News Talk Stations. Since Salem owns, this is mostly rebranding. The change has a lot to do with being added to the SiriusXM Patriot channel.

Press Release

SRN News is carried widely by religious stations that want news, but want news that doesn’t contradict the beliefs of their listeners. The news tends to select stories of interest to Christians and Israel supporters. The news is structured to allow non-commercial stations to carry the news, but commercial stations to run ads. The version for non-commercial stations is fed at :55 past the hour.

Salem Radio is a “for profit” publicly traded Corporation (Symbol SALM). The founders of the company realized in the 1990s there was a niche available for “for profit” religious broadcasting in the speculative bubble in radio stations after the 1996 Telecom Reform Act. You cannot donate money to Salem and get a tax deduction – you can however, buy stock.

Salem operates mostly on stations it owns – it operates three main networks:

– the Conservative Talk Network featuring Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt. While not religious, the theme of the network is that the Conservative movement is about religion and focused on supporting Israel
– a Contemporary Christian Music format generally called “The Fish”
– a Christian teaching network that sells time to religious broadcasters, mostly prerecorded shows – listeners donate to the ministry, then Salem gets paid for the station time. WMCA-AM in New York is a typical example. They typically have little or no local programming and mostly content recorded years or decades ago – the Bible is not living document.

Salem also operates some stations preaching to Spanish speaking Protestants. Salem and most of its talk hosts are strongly pro immigration. They also have a small group of stations carrying Bloomberg radio. All of the stations rely on selling blocks of time for infomercials, especially on weekends.

Salem does not subscribe to ratings services – back when Arbitron reported Non subscriber ratings, most Sakem stations were below a 1% share. Ratings only matter to advertiser supported stations. As radio is fading, Salem has been deriving more of its revenue from selling subscriptions to Townhall Magazine and books, showing they are the leaders in 20th century publishing technology.

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  1. briand75 says:

    Publishing – interesting. I guess this buggy whip maker has a plan going forward.

    How do we characterize pro immigration? Is it pro illegal immigration? I think all Americans are pro legal immigration. In fact, it may be that immigration is like radio – the underpinnings are changing such that it is nothing more than a permit to live here, have children here, get benefits here and then send some of the money back to home. None of this requires learning English or graduating school or even “blending in” to the community.

    Bennett, et al are not conservative either. Republicans maybe. Bloomberg is rich and incompetent.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • Art Stone says:

      Back when the unaccompanied children started pouring across the border, one of the hosts – I think it was Prager – was giddy at the prospect of Rick Warren taking all the children and adopting them into good Christian homes. The Catholic Church isn’t the only religious group hoping Mexicans disappearing into the shadows and given sanctuary will revive their numbers.

      Libertarians also are opposed to using national borders to prevent the flow of capital and people to move where they are most efficient.

      The NY times is quoting a dubious poll from Iowa done by the Des Moines register and Bloomberg. It has a very small sample size and leading questions, but if it is even close to accurate, we officially have two Americas, self segregated by political identity, and no middle ground. This is the poll that shows Ben Carson in second place. He is even less likely than trump to be elected president.

      • Art Stone says:

        It was Hewitt in July 2014 – here was my description of what he was saying

        Hugh Hewitt announces he wants the children crossing the border illegally to be given immediate American citizenship and turned over to Rick Warren’s churches to raise

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