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Today, Colin Cowherd started at Fox Sports, along with his Dominican baseball fans (most affiliate stations and the network stream are still carrying Rich Eisen)

I have an observation – since I never watch Cable TV, things seem strange to me that people are used to after a decade like fake lines drawn on the field… 😉

So the sports themed barber shop in Pineville had at least two TV screens playing ESPN. There were three male hosts, and one female. For the entire time I was watching, they never had a camera pointed at the woman. The three male hosts had closeup shots as they spoke, but the woman was only a distant blob from across the studio.

What’s up with that?

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  1. briand75 says:

    Probably Ego. The three egos were waging a small nuclear conflict and that overshadowed any input – useful or not – from the female. It’s been my experience that some of the female anchors or near-anchors are also ego driven. Perhaps that one wasn’t.

    • Art Stone says:

      A lot of men and women are different stuff. Women explore emotions, men like statistics 😘

      Nothing she said was particularly insightful. If a male host points that out, you end up being shipped to a station in Kankakee doing high school football games (which are never done by women, unless they are transgender). It had the feel that she was required to be there for diversity, but neither the hosts nor producer were going to acknowledge her presence. Either that or she had a bad hair day and they were protecting her.

      Haters gonna hate!

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