Steve Deace says adiós to USA


If you don’t know who Steve Deace is, you’re not alone. It probably also explains why his syndication ended last Friday.

Deace is a hybrid Christian Conservative talk host. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, he was comfortable justifying his political beliefs by quoting scripture to his audience. He was carried by most Salem Radio affiliates in the late evening, but he had suddenly vanished from there. He moved to the IRN/USA network, which since collapsed, selling the USA Radio part to a Christian broadcaster in North Carolina. People that listen to Christian AM radio stations at midnight are scarcer than three dollar bills. Sorry it didn’t work out

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8 Responses to Steve Deace says adiós to USA

  1. Art Stone says:

    Eric Mataxas has replaced him on Salem Radio 9PM-Midnight ET

  2. Art Stone says:

    The guy on WVNN after Deace’s time slot declared that “it is pointless to talk to a Muslim about Jesus because they won’t listen – your only alternative is to kill them”

    Hokey dokey

  3. briand75 says:

    Oddly, my Christian faith doesn’t support war or killing and certainly never in the name of God. What a strange planet I live on these days.

  4. JayMar says:

    Thou shall not murder (except your enemy)
    Thou shall not steal (except when the victim is looking the other way)
    Thou shall not commit adultery (but, Lord, she looked so good!)
    Thou shall not make idols (oops the Catholic Churches are full of them)
    Oh well…

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