New page layout

15 years of “legacy” coding is a burden. When the core of this web site was written, people were connecting over 56 kb modems, using Windows 95 and using Microsoft Exploder 3.0 or AOL. Ah, the good old days before 6 MB web pages!

The page layout has been changed to create a more consistent format on every page, pushing the show and station search to encourage first time users to ignore the “power tools”. Most visitors are not looking for “show me the list of classic hip hop translators owned by Cumulus Media. It’s still there if you really insist on knowing šŸ˜‰


There are surely some pages that are now garbled, and pages still in legacy mode will become much more obvious.

I enjoy coding more than searching through 6,000 FM translators to find those classic hip-hop stations, but in the end both need to happen.

People will also get constant hints about features they may not know they need to know, nudging them into visiting more of the web site beyond “why can’t I find Rush Limbaugh in Alaska at 3 AM?” Art Bell? – perhaps you’re in luck!

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