Countdown to “debate”

CNN is actually running a countdown clock for the start of the 8:30 PM (ET) throwing the Republicans to the lions at the CNN Coliseum show

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    The lip synced national anthem was a nice touch

    Rand Paul’s opening statement is the only one I likely agree with, but 4% doesn’t get you elected. Hugh Hewitt will want Benjamin Netanyahu to win the election.

    Carly put the crowd to sleep
    Jeb Bush lacks energy
    Rubio has a carefully crafted speech written by a focus group
    Ted Cruz is pushing the Red declare War on ISIS button. Little crowd reaction
    Ben Carson begins with a moment of silence. God approves.
    Trump speaks the way Trump speaks.

    Jeb Bush looks like a SNL caricature of his brother. He swings at Trump and hits nothing but air
    Rubio is a rehearsed for TV prop, but can he lead his cabinet and make decisions without focus groups?
    Cruz talking about Islam is a bit muddled
    Carly needs TV training – way too much distracting head movement. Didn’t really answer the question
    Christie wants to fight fear by pointing out people are scared.
    Kasich asked how he was going to find the next Syed Farook, and totally ignores the question. He wants government back doors for encryption
    Marco accuses Cruz of disclosing classified information on national TV
    Rand Paul swings at Rubio. Rubio is having an adrenaline surge and looks out of control. Trump can just let them slug each other
    Christie makes a strong case Senators make bad Presidents
    Carson wants the Stasi in America, monitoring all suspicious conversations.
    Carly plays the technology card and sidesteps the encryption question. Wolfe follows up and lies about Apple and Google’s direct opposition to encryption
    Trump displays his ignorance about “our” Internet
    Kasich is making up facts about San Bernardino and encryption
    Cruz apparently doesn’t remember Vietnam – he also says the Paistani woman posted on Facebook. That needs fact checking
    Rubio still doesn’t understand Sunni Arabs will never kill other Sunnia Arabs because The Great Satan wants them to
    Trump reiterates killing the relatives of terrorists. Hello, we already do that. It’s not controversial. Jeb Bush is an asshole.
    Hewitt gives Carson what starts as a softball but with sharp edges. Could he order the military to kill children of an enemy.
    Rand Paul swings against Trump. He’s totally right, but 4% won’t get you elected
    Wolfe calls Rubio on his “get Sunni Arabs to fight Sunni Arabs error
    Carly plays the “men suck” card. Say Good Night Gracie
    Christie points out again he is not a legislator, but he appears to not understand Iran is fighting against ISIS, not with them
    Carson flails away at his lack of understanding about use of military force. He’s a nice guy.
    Cruz reiterates that toppling dictators in Libya, Egyot and Iraq was a mistake
    Cruz disregards the debate rules
    Kasich gets it right that the Middle East mess is a historical strategy by Europe. He’s right, but then says we need to punch Russia in the face.
    Christie threatens direct war with Russia, Rand points out the Russian planes have permission, and we have no right to declare a no fly zone over a sovereign nation. Paul follows with a cheap shot about BridgeGate
    Trump swings at CNN and hits nothing but air
    Chaos erupts.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Hugh hits Carson again about his being unwilling to use the military. [being president is much more than the military]
    Rubio on immigration, blah blah blah. He ignores the question twice she asked about citizenship, he answered about green cards. That’s a different question.
    Cruz conflates Syrian refugees with Pakistan – she WAS screened.
    Bush wants local police to be the eyes and ears from the Feds.
    Carson tells about his trip to Jordon. Give the Kurds weapons to stabilize Western Syria
    Rand Paul again misses that the public doesn’t care about votes in US Senate. He makes it clear he isn’t running for President
    Christie again makes it clear he is running for President
    [internet issues]
    Christie and Bush] sing the same tune about China and cyberattacks. Bush introduces the red herring that ISIS is launching cyberattacks.
    Trump appears to not know what the nuclear triad is. Rubio explains what the term means, but Hewitt’s question is right from the 1960s
    Trump seems to clarify he won’t undercut republicans against Hillary
    Carson backpedals on the similar theme.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    In conclusion, time to vote candidates off the island

    Christie was in the undercard last debate – he’s definitely staying on the island

    Carly hates men. Buy-bye
    Carson is not remotely prepared for the job
    Senators don’t think like Presidents. Bye bye to Cruz, Rubio and Paul.

    That leaves Trump, Kasich, Christie and Jeb Bush. Kasich wants to run an East German police state to keep us safe. Christie is the only one I’m sure I could support.

    I always vote for people who lose. It’s genetic

  4. briand75 says:

    Hilarious. This was a CNN debate so I wouldn’t have watched it on a bet. Christie – sorry to say – already lost. Jeb is as worthless as hair on an apple – Mr. Middle of the Road in person. Too bad about Carly – I like her ability to talk straight – she chose poorly in her advisors. Trump is a Democrat – big Government and all, but he is a JFK Democrat and I can get behind that. My only other choice is Carson and I want him to fix healthcare. I can get behind Carson.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      This morning, I listened to the podcast of John Batchelor discussing the debate primarily with Larry Cudlow and a pro-Bush spin master. Anyone who would describe Bush as “looking Presidential” is delusional or a prostitute or both.

      Kudlow made a good point about Christie – Christie spent too much of the time discussing his role as a Federal Prosecutor after 9/11. This aligns with Obama’s notion that 9/11 and terrorism is a domestic law enforcement issue.

  5. WesternMA says:

    Your play-by-play was great, Fred. Really enjoyed reading that. I don’t think there were really any winners or losers last night with the possible exception of Bush who made himself look even smaller…if that’s possible. Still a Cruz fan but he didn’t do himself any favors last night. Trump was Trump. I love how he’s changed the conversation from the usual abortion and women’s rights, but just can’t imagine him in a debate with Hillary. She would slaughter him.
    Mainstream media keeps telling us that the only person to beat Hillary is Rubio. I think their promoting that because Rubio is probably the only person she can beat.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Trump totally blew Hewitt’s question about the “nuclear triad”, trying to avoid saying “I don’t know what that means”, setting up Rubio to look like a genius. The Nuclear triad hasn’t been a key part of the military strategy since the Cold War ended. There is no role for land based ICBMs. The loser to me was Hewitt. He twice baited Carson about not being willing to kill women and children as Commander in Chief. Hewitt’s view of the world is incredibly out of touch. Ronald Reagan is dead. Nobody under 35 would even remember him as President. It is time to move on.

  6. Fred Stiening says:

    Others have reacted to Trump thinking the Internet is owned by the United States

    And Rubio accusing Cruz of leaking classified data. Isn’t saying “Hey, that’s Classified” also a violation since you are confirming the data that is classified?

    By mentioning that Rubio pointed out that Cruz supposedly disclosed classified statistical data, am I breaking a law?

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      You’re right. The best thing to do if you have any concern about national security, is the ignore it. By calling attention to it, people that would not have noticed it will now study it. “Shubio” went further. Rather than saying that topic was classified and not discussing the contents or details, he said that the details were classified, and thus validated the data as well as the topic.

      When I mention “Shubio”, that is the nickname for Rubio because of his partnership with Chuck Schumer and their pathway to voting booth access for the illegal aliens that have been in the USA.

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