Holiday Season

Holiday Music

Most stations had their final live shows of 2015 yesterday.

If you hear someone climbing down your chimney, shoot first, ask questions later. You can never be too careful. Ho Ho Ho

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  1. Parrott says:

    Happy Holidays, Yeah I have to work Monday 28-Thursday 31. Bored. I liked Christmas , it was good this year, somewhat.
    Back to bored read about WWVA and they loosing their towers in windstorm in 2010. and read about the type of towers they had, free standing. Linked to a radio tech message board and read about where some small AM stations were still trying to make a go at it. They hate shutting down at 5pm and not firing up til 7am in the morning. Is kinda weird, but I see where the FCC says they are protecting other stations .
    whatever. Not listening to Holiday music, been kinda binge watching ‘The Walking Dead’ . Its good, but sad.

    oh and I am so bored at work. I’d like to let zombies loose in the main office, LOL
    Non motivated.
    Opera is acting up ever since I updated to the latest ‘Flash’ annoyed. I feel stupid for doing that now. grrrr.
    Hope everyone is having a good time off and Holiday season and are getting along with their relatives.

    Best regards

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Want to be czar of holiday music? You can check them after the 4th and see what they changed into.

      Short, freestanding fiberglass antennas should be a no-brainier. So they are less energy efficient – not the FCC’s job. The “clear channel” 50 kW class A AM stations still get 750 mile protection after the sun sets. That’s insane, but if they try to change it, the FCC will be up to their eyeballs in $1000 an hour lawyers.

      I proposed a compromise to Tom Taylor, but he doesn’t like it – but he very much is a defender of the status quo. Here is my proposal – to keep that 750 mile protection, you have to agree to originate local programming 24/7 with a staffed studio reachable by telephone. It doesn’t matter what the programming actually is. If you want to run recorded Dave Ramsey shows or Fox Sports in the evening, you don’t deserve 750 mile protection. Whether that should apply to midnight to 6 AM, we can negotiate – maybe as long as the station has a person who can get on the air immediately in an emergency, we can let Coast to Coast drone on.

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