You’re in good hands with uber

The annual blizzard is today. 1/4″ of snow brings the city to a halt. Yesterday, school was called off, and the airport was closed for today. Not a problem. If you want streets plowed, move back to New Jersey.

I was curious what uber will do – the first time I looked, surge pricing was in effect. Since uber has insurance coverage for on duty drivers, and the probability of accidents is very high, here is what you get.


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3 Responses to You’re in good hands with uber

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    The Governor declaring an “emergency” invokes penalties for price gouging. Currently, Uber is 1.9x the normal rate

  2. TheChairman says:

    One comment about uber and vehicles being used: for potential buyers of pre-owned vehicles, it should be mandatory that each VIN be reported to CarFax & Autocheck as fleet, taxi, or commercial usage. i.e. Uber should be required to submit the VINs of its ‘fleet’.

    These are non-commercial vehicles being subjected to commercial wear-n-tear. e.g. a car which is normally driven 10-15,000 miles, is now abused 35,000+ miles per year.

    Perhaps CarFax/AutoCheck should create a new ‘event’ category for Uber, Lyft, etc.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      My suspicion is many of these cars are leased, and when the lease is up, the mileage overage is going to be a rude shock, with cars earning less than the cost of operations. You turn in the car after 2 years and the lessor is expecting the car to have 25-30,000 miles and it has 60,000, that’s a big problem.

      I don’t think the cars will be abused nearly like those of a taxi. There is only one driver, and the driver owns the car. The car is not being driven 18 hours straight to pay daily rental on a medallion. The mileage itself is a warning the car may have been used heavily. It’s an open question whether they will do necessary maintenance like checking the oil, etc

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