This means war!

China warns U.S. of ‘serious consequences’ over Washington plaza name

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  1. foyle says:

    The Marx Brothers were so far ahead of their time. Duck Soup is a terrific look at the corrupt nature of government.

    Anyone who is baffled by what has happened to college athletics, just watch Horse Feathers by the Marx Brothers (made in 1932). In the film Groucho (Quincy Adams Wagstaff) becomes president of Huxley College. Here is a snip from his inaugural speech to the faculty:
    Wagstaff: This college is a failure. The trouble is, we’re neglecting football for education.
    The Professors: [in unison] Exactly, the professor is right.
    Wagstaff: Oh, I’m right, am I? Well, I’m not right. I’m wrong. I just said that to test ya. Now I know where I’m at. I’m dealing with a couple of snakes. What I meant to say was that there’s too much football and not enough education.
    The Professors: That’s what I think.
    Wagstaff: Oh, you do, do you? Well, you’re wrong again. If there was a snake, you’d apologize. Where would this college be without football? Have we got a stadium?
    The Professors: Yes.
    Wagstaff: Have we got a college?
    The Professors: Yes.
    Wagstaff: Well, we can’t support both. Tomorrow we start tearing down the college.

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