Leaving the Radio Plantation

Several months ago I asked for opinions about non-radio streams.

Triton Digital is one of the big players in streaming. Fortunately, they add new players in sequential order 8^P

Coming Attractions

For a few months, I’ve tracked the new arrivals, many of which are not radio stations. Some are radio personalities like Yolanda Adams and Ricky Smiley.

Up until this point, my main reason for the radio only rule is concern that people wanting to stream are not paying music royalties, especially the 13 year old playing heavy metal from his mom’s basement.

As long as Triton is involved, and if the programming source has a credible web site, I plan to start adding them. The future doesn’t belong to over the air radio.

Introducing Garden & Gun

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4 Responses to Leaving the Radio Plantation

  1. haiti222 says:

    The grand abandoned radio studios can be reborn as upscale restaurants as we listen virtually to audio….. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/2016/02/26/union-restaurant-planned-wwj-building-oak-park/80992792/

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Thank you for posting that. It seems a bit impractical, but worth a shot.

      I’m not reading too much into it yet, but if the comments on news stories at NPR are any indication, Public Radio may be having an exodus of well informed thoughtful listeners. The comments read like your typical Drudgetard groupthink, even when the story isn’t linked to by Drudge. Baby Boomers are dying off now.

      After today (or more likely Tuesday) when Sanders gives up, the Democratic Party is going to have its own backlash. The eager young voters are realizing just how stacked the deck was against Sanders and the entire election process is nothing but a facade structured to make people think voting matters. Fortunately, they’re all sitting in mom’s home smoking pot living off SSI for their autism spectrum disorder, so an actual revolution is unlikely.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        The Washington Post is also unraveling. They tried to make the Henry Kissinger case that Turkey is an indispensable NATO ally in the war against ISIS. The comment section is flooded with 100s of different people calling “bullshit” on the author and the newspaper.

  2. Fred Stiening says:


    LegendFM is on Fiji, which was recently clobbered by a big storm

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