“Migrants” being kidnapped in Mexico

I was checking up on WADO’s baseball affiliations, and noticed a picture in their news stories with a train, which caught my eye, of course 🙂

80 migrants kidnapped

or a poorly done Google Translation to English

The picture shows people riding on the top of railroad cars – the substance of the story is that last year over 11,00 “migrants” (non-Mexicans) were kidnapped by drug gangs.

This related story contains some other interesting information:


That story mentions that the Catholic church in Mexico operates 52 hostels in Mexico for the purpose of facilitating their movement to the United States, one of the worst kept secrets about the illegal immigration movement – Catholic churches faced with empty churches have found new congregations to fill their empty pews and are moving them North.

This is a quote from the Mexican head of Migration, which mirrors statements made by the President of Mexico in the past

Veinte millones de personas ingresan a México cada año, “es un flujo único en el mundo porque es un país de origen, de tránsito y de destino de la migración, frente al país más poderoso de la Tierra que atrae a medio mundo”, explicó el ministro del Río, en referencia a la frontera con Estados Unidos.”

My attempt at a useful translation:

Twenty million people come to Mexico each year, “in a single stream from all the world because this is the place it starts – the trip and the destination of the migrants – the place before  the  country that attracts the entire world”, explains Minister del Rio, a reference to the border with the United States 

20 million a year?

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  1. briand75 says:

    And an estimated 50 million impact the health care and education systems in our country. That is about 14% of the US population. Any question why the Democrats kowtow to them?

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