The end of Public Broadcasting in New Jersey

Governor Christie has achieved his goal of ending New Jersey state government’s role in running Public Broadcasting outlets.

There are two different aspects to this change – TV and Radio.

There was very little political opposition to ending NJN radio – the New Jersey radio network.  The funding of the stations has ended and the stations are being sold outright to WNYC in New York City and WHYY in Philadephia.   The NJN stations are all weak “Class A” (Small) FM stations, but they were mostly in rural New Jersey and not in the New York City metro area.

On the TV side, the state is ending funding and will lease (not sell) the 4 TV stations to New York’s WNET  – which has promised to add New Jersey related programming.

Of course, nothing is ever final until it gets taken to court and a judge overrules the legislature and governor “just because I say so”.

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