Marilu Henner ready to forget radio

Marilu Henner has had her shot at 15 minutes of syndicated radio fame. I can hear you saying “she had a radio show?”

You’re most likely to remember seeing her as the female cab driver on Taxi, dealing with Latka, Louie, Reverand Jim, Tony Banta and Bobby Wheeler. She’s done a variety of things since, much of it focused on the “expert” advice on nutrition and health. Her show is syndicated by GCN, the Alex Jones Conspiracy network. I know ar least 7 confirmed affiliates.

I can’t tell you much about the content other than men are not her target audience. Podcasts are available. Bob Barker was a recent guest talking about… Animal Rights.

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  1. onansolo says:

    yeah, it was gotten…or not forgotten HA…it is always a treat to read your musings and informative postings Fred/art.
    Love that the wry headlines are sometimes a welcome hat tip to the NY tabloid heyday “headless woman found in topless bar”
    Was a while back that I posted previously…Just don’t get by here often enough to keep up since you are so prolific rather than a rapid typist, but your streaming site is still the most dependable I have come across…kudos/dittos for all your work…
    Turkeys is a welcome place of thoughtful discourse…Thanks for including all of us in the conversation.

  2. onansolo says:

    Great headline for ths article, since another of Marilu’s talents is “perfect memory”. Saw a piece about her on 60 minutes a few years back, which was a network promo for her production company’s TV show “Unforgetable” starring an annoying actress that helped the police solve crimes with her own “perfect memory”. The show thankfully never caught on although it kept getting canceled on one network only to pop up on another CBS/viacom related venue. Someone involved with the show must have been sleeping with either Les Moonves or *gasp*…Sumner Redstone.
    Never considered that it might be Cait Jenner or Alex Jones…

  3. briand75 says:

    How about that Car show – is it Click and Clack – the tappet brothers? That should probably follow whad’ya know.

    Marilu Henner? I never watched Taxi – not an episode. Any relation to Cait Jenner? 🙂

    • Fred Stiening says:

      So many questions, so little time

      One of the tappet brothers died maybe two years ago. The show was already in “evergreen” mode, just replaying segments from old shows. That announcement outed the fact that the show was never live. Conversations with callers were done by calling outbound with knowledge ahead of time of what the issue was so they could research it ahead of time. The result could be edited in post production or discarded if it wasn’t good enough.

      While Marilu Henner are about the same age and look similar, I don’t think they are related. Before getting into TV, Marilu had taught dancing for about 20 years.

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    By the way, the smarmy liberal quiz show “Whad’ya Know?” heard on public radio on the weekends is also ending, after losing 2/3rds of its affiliates. But you probably knew that.

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