Bad poll day for Republicans (except Trump)

We have the first national poll since Rubio dropped out. Rasmussen reports

Trump 43%
Cruz 28%
Kasich 21%

More stunning is the poll from New York State. Trump already had a big lead, but

Trump 64%
Cruz 12%
Kasich 1%

That puts Trump +139 delegates over the top for a first ballot win – even assuming every unbound delegate votes against him.

It’s over. If you aren’t with Trump, you are about to be steamrolled.

Glenn Beck, that means you.

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  1. RebelSansClue says:

    I agree wholeheartedly that we can’t give up. I certainly won’t be staying home in November. I think Cruz has said he wouldn’t accept VP if it came from Trump. I hope he rethinks that decision. Trump would be smart to consider him as VP as it may win back some of the #NeverTrump crowd.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I’m sticking with my prediction Trump will withdraw, voluntarily or otherwise.

      If that happens, now the binary choice goes away. If Trump quits or ISIS kills him, the bound delegates are unbound. That’s around 600 as of now. They could split between Cruz and Kasich or Rubio could announce he is un-suspending. Delegates are not limited to only those formally nominated. Suddenly the ex-Trump delegates become currency in back room horse trading. If the first ballot doesn’t decide the nominee, there are basically no impossible outcomes at that point. That’s where the loyalties of the individual delegates matter.

  2. Parrott says:

    >”Ahh, the optimism of youth” <

    I appreciate that RebelSansClue, I really do.
    Just don't don't sit out and not vote, or through you vote away and allow the evil to regain the white house. It would be so bad and set this country back for years. That always fires me up. And You know Hillery is bad, and we just can't give up.
    Consider this, I saw it on another message board I lurk. " if the Clintons are rewarded with the White House again, it would be impossible to demand honesty from any public official in America. She’s thoroughly corrupt and, in the memorable words of the late William Safire, a “congenital liar.” Voting for her is a give up on the future. "

    Its so true. we can't give up, and we can't let the Lindsy Graham-ham ham-hams of the Republicans continue on either, They are not a check on democrats. They are about the same.
    "Maureen Dowd wrote a hit piece on Trump" No doubt.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    Maureen Dowd wrote a hit piece on Trump

    By the time I opened the comments, the comments were closed after 17 hours, meaning the story was published around 2 PM.

    I had posted a comment on Wednesday on a story and was notified on Saturday my comment was approved. The time associated with my comment was the date/time it was approved, not when it was submitted.

  4. Parrott says:

    ,,,”I just can’t vote for Trump. He has no conservative track record. He’s not even a RINO.”
    That is the same as Check box Hillery. Establishment will appreciate it.
    IF either Hillery or cruz get in, then its business as usual. McConnell has already said he prefers Hillery than Trump. That says it all right there.
    I don’t know Trumps track record either, I just know establishment RINO’s ( which seem to be all republicans) and Democrats, There is not much difference between the two parties anymore.
    Mr Trump cannot be any worse than what we have had for the last 7/8 years. Clearly Obo was over his head and it was/is amateur hour at the white house. Although if they planned justice Scalia’s demise, they worked that like pro’s.
    I will vote anti establishment. Hillery should be in jail, with Holder and that thing that ran the IRS.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Try this out for size… At the convention, after Trump wins the nomination and it is acceptance speech time, he says “the only way we will win in November and do the things Americans want me to do is to have a unified party. If you are an elected member of Congress and you can’t support me, I want you to resign tonight in order for us to ave time to find your replacement before the election”

      At least some portion of AIPAC plans to protest when Trump visits on Monday

      That seems unwise.

    • RebelSansClue says:

      “Mr Trump cannot be any worse than what we have had for the last 7/8 years. ”
      Ahh, the optimism of youth 🙂
      People said the same thing about Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter before him.
      It can always get worse, and frequently does.
      Even if we suppose that Trump is a real Republican, he doesn’t seem to care about the constitution. A fascist on the right is just as bad as a fascist on the left.
      At least Cruz knows the constitution inside and out. The fact that the Republican establishment hates him so much is a badge of honor.

      Can Cruz win? I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m voting for him anyway. This is an election, not Powerball. I don’t get a prize if I vote for the candidate who ends up winning.

  5. RebelSansClue says:

    I think Beck is aware of that and prepared for it. I voted for Perot in `92 (young and foolish), and I’ll vote 3rd party this time if I have to (old and foolish). I just can’t vote for Trump. He has no conservative track record. He’s not even a RINO.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The Republican Party (if one is left) needs a rule that in order to run for office you need to demonstrate that you are a Republican, for instance that you’ve been a member of a county organization for at least four years (registering to vote Republican does not make you a party member)

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