RNC Chairman: Candidates are auditioning for us – we choose

Wilwaukee Journal Sentinal

Reince Priebus lays out the facts of life of the way he sees things from the top of the ivory tower.

But in the end, no candidate can survive without the RNC. They’re not capable of survival without the RNC. We just have too many people, too many resources, too much money for any person that becomes the nominee to survive without us.

It is essentially restating that the RNC picks the candidate and the entire notion of a democratic process to choose our representatives is a fraud. This is not just the President, but down to local elections and isn’t only a Republican Party issue.

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3 Responses to RNC Chairman: Candidates are auditioning for us – we choose

  1. briand75 says:

    Or is it Representative Democracy? Too many years of Communism.

  2. briand75 says:

    According to the creation of the United States – Constitution and Bill of Rights – we are a Democratic Republic. That is along the lines of what the RNC says, but we the people hold the key – don’t give them any money. We can’t stop the insanity, but we can raise heck while we watch our wishes ignored.

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