Saudi Arabia threatens United States with economic war

NY times

If Congress orders the declassication of the 28 pages of the 9/11 report detailing Saudi Royal family members in the planning and funding of the attack on the World Trade Center, the Saudi government pledges to dump all of its US investments, including $750 billion in US Treasury securities.

If they sell the bonds, they then have $750 billion in US dollars they have to invest somewhere else. Good luck. If it turns out the proof is solid that Saudis and Pakistan did the 9/11 attack and then protected Osama bin Laden, there is no force on Earth that will protect the Kingdom from the wrath of the US people and military. There won’t be a need for an Aramco IPO.

Bring it on. China has tried the same bluff. The only one that loses if Saudi Arabia dumps their bonds is Saudi Arabia. Central Banks and investors around the world would buy up their fire sale in minutes. Once free of that threat, a US effort for regime change in Saudi Arabia is inevitable. Disney could probably turn Mecca into a fantastic theme park.

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2 Responses to Saudi Arabia threatens United States with economic war

  1. JayMar says:

    The Saudis have never been our friends. During the first Gulf War when the saw Saddam take Kuwait the Saudis were scared and begged for US help. When the second Gulf War came the Saudis didn’t want us to be in their lands, even though we made the Prince Sultan Airbase. We were forced to use Incirlik AFB in Turkey.

    Today the Wahabis, probably the most insidious sect of the Muslim world is responsible for the indoctrination going forth in our universities. When money is no object to these savages, they finance every bit of this cancerous religion destroying the west. Only the present and the immediately previous administrations support and have supported this infamy against US THE PEOPLE.

  2. Parrott says:

    Yeah I hate that we wasted all the men, money, equipment on Iraq, Afghanistan, and the money the obo wasted on Syria & Libya. We wasted all that good will from our allies that hate us now.
    Everyone knew Pakistan was not a friend. Should have let India take them out in one fell swoop years ago.
    you know, Alex was right.. killer
    Thats something,

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