Gregg Knapp gets the Cumulus handshake

Gregg Knapp used to do a syndicated show distributed by the venerable Radio America. Recently, he has been doing a local talk show on KCMO in Kansas City Missouri. He just got the word that the new Greg Knapp experience will be standing in the unemployment line.

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5 Responses to Gregg Knapp gets the Cumulus handshake

  1. Parrott says:

    He must have been decent if ‘Cumulost ‘ canned him. They are such a great judge of talent.
    I wonder when ‘they’ will give Chris Plante the ‘Cumulus Handshake’ ?


    • Fred Stiening says:

      If I were Cumulus CEO Mary Berner, I would keep him around for when Glenn Beck vanishes (Beck is syndicated by iHeart, not Cumulus). I would also buy my clothes at Aeropostale

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Chris Plante was on Lou Dobbs show this evening. Great to see him again after all his years away from CNN… actually, Chris and Lou had worked at CNN at the same time.

        Plante is funny and talented. He is as good at name calling as Donald Trump is. When he talks about the heads of the RNC and DNC, he calls them Rinse PreWash and Debbie Was-a-man Schnitz. lol

        • Fred Stiening says:

          Just a heads up, not just to you. Using lol in a comment gets a comment placed automatically in the moderation queue. Don’t like it? Go make your own blog.


          • Parrott says:

            OK, that’s fine, no worries,

            CC: “Debbie Was-a-man ” I know that is hilarious. And he goes after whats her name? senator from Mass. Elizabeth, Hi How are yeah, Hi How are yeah, Warren, ( pocahontas), LOL
            I couldn’t resist the ‘LOL’ Fred : ) hard to break old habits, and we can’t forget Vicky the goat in senator reids office : )

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