“smart” IBM

Jane Sanders’ first husband was transferred to Essex Junction Vermont by IBM (I’ve been moved). IBM had a research lab and electronics fabrication plant there – it is the largest private employer in Vermont.

A year ago, IBM unloaded the facility and another in New York to GlobalFoundaries, a Dubai owned chip manufacturer. IBM gave them the factories PLUS $1.5 billion to unload their responsibilities (probably unfunded retiree promises?)

Global Foundary takes over

When the deal was announced, IBM said GlobalFoundaries would retain the valuable highly paid IBM workers.

They lied

While they claim there won’t be job cuts, it is pretty clear from the description that GlobalFoundaries is replacing expensive former IBM employees with lower cost replacements. Essex Junction is pretty close to the Canadian non-border.

An Islamic country in the Middle East (probably backed by China) making IBM’s microprocessors used in phones – What, me worry? Maybe Trump should replace his Carrier story with this one.

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