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From my overstuffed mailbox

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

You may know and/or remember that I voted in the Democratitic primary for Bernie Sanders as part of operation chaos. Not surprisingly, the volume of 20th century mailers made from dead trees has zoomed up.

The Christopher McPherson wrote this heart wrenching appeal directly to me (or current resident) on official Democratic Party stationary from Raleigh. I’ve been unable to find anyone in North Carolina who fits his self description. He is probably as real as Johnny Appleseed.

With President Trump needing his full attention on his new job, it is pretty clear his daughter Ivanka will play an even bigger job in the running of the third generation of the Trump empire and may be he his designated successor. Contrast that with the Clinton Foundation where all the highly paid senior management are men.


Jeb Bush is a pussy

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

Welcome to the new normal. The other day, Milo used the word queef in his podcast, a term that I’m proud to say I arrived at 60 years old without knowing the meaning of. Please excuse the dangling participle.

Donald Trump operated a casino where gambling, booze and prostitution are the main reasons millions of people go there – it isn’t for the lobster buffet.

Part of the reason I put the link up to the 1994 Vanity Fair story about his finances was not so much what it said about money as it was about his attitude toward his first wife Ivana and his second wife Marla Maples.

Here is the last Paragraph

“I have friends who can have war with someone and then go back and be best friends,” he said. “I can’t be that way…. You have to remember who the loyal ones were and who were not, and if you don’t, you’re a total schmuck. And if I have a chance to hurt these people who weren’t loyal to me, I will. Call that vindictive. Call it what you will…. People who wouldn’t talk to me three years ago now call up and want to kiss my ass. I tell my secretary, ‘Rhona, call them back and say, “Mr. Trump told me to tell you, ‘Fuck you!’ ” then hang up.’ ”

It will be interesting to see how this news affects the Alex Jones’ “Bill Clinton is a rapist” campaign.

The gender gap may have just been spread wide open.

“Barack Obama is a Son of a bitch!”

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Rhymes with “Barack Obama made me rich!”


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte attracted the ire of the Chicago Community Organizer with his policy of executing drug dealers. There have been about 2,000 “extrajudicial executions” since July 1st. The Phillipines is not a member of the G20, so the original plan was for a meeting in Laos, which President Obama called off, accusing Duterte of human rights violations and chastising him in public, resulting in the “son of a bitch” outburst, or “son of a whore” if you are the BBC.

Australia and Phillipines are in a bind. Both countries are under extreme US pressure to militarily confront China. Looking to next year, neither presidential candidate looks like a reliable partner. Australia, in particular, sees support of the US military position as a lose-lose proposition. China needs the natural resources Australia has. Australia knows it is no match in a fight against China and is beginning to doubt the US capabilities, especially with a two front war if Ukraine or Syria becomes a shooting war. They are not interested in being a trip wire to justify US military intervention. China will be close to Australia until the end of time, and China looks at their role dominating Asia with a very long time frame.

Although he has backed off, President Duterte made his opinion pretty clear. If the US pulls out of the South China Sea, the Phillipines has the most to lose.

DNC Convention Day 1

Monday, July 25th, 2016

The best battle plan rarely survives first contact with the enemy

The Convention will be gaveled to order at 4 PM Eastern Time. That start time was pushed back because of the need for unexpected meetings. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned as DNC chairman and chairman of the convention the day before the convention. Different versions say she will resign before or after the convention. Things are in flux. Donna Brazile may be the interim DNC chairman, but I’m not sure that will stick.

The Wikileaks email story has us Bernie supporters all fired up. The fix was in from before the first vote was cast (shocking!). That plan freed up a lot of Democratic voters to vote for Donald Trump in the Republican primaries with open contests.

The Bernie supporters are in Philadelphia, and about 1/3 of the delegates are Bernie’s people. You can count on them not keeping quiet. We really hate the Clintons with a passion. This convention will make 1968 one in Chicago look like a Sunday afternoon picnic. The fruits of Operation Chaos are ripe.

BTW fracking sucks!

(If you’re confused, I understand)

Who is Tim Kaine?

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Crooked Hillary Clinton announced her VP choice on Friday, a useful strategy to get no news attention. She will have the official presentation to the world on Saturday. So far, she has used her right to remain silent in her interactions with the press. Given her dubious health status, the chance of her VP having to take over is high enough that he might be President some day.

Tim Kaine is fairly similar to Mike Pence in his background and politics. Tim Kaine is 58 years old and currently the junior US Senator from Virginia, serving since 2013. He was the head of the Democratic National Committee in between being Governor and Senator.

He was Governor of Virginia from 2006-2010, and before that Mayor of Richmond – the former capital of the Confederacy. He is a Harvard trained lawyer who was born in the people’s Republic of Minnesota and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. His parents are Scottish and Irish and he is a Roman Catholic. He has one wife and only three children.

His most noteworthy accomplishment as mayor (an appointed position) was to redirect gun crimes to Federal Courts where defendants faced mandatory 5 year sentences under Public Law 105-386 signed into law by Bill Clinton in November 1998. It expanded mandatory sentences to include possession of a gun during a drug crime as a federal crime. Mandatory sentences were originally added under Ronald Reagan in 1984, passed by a Democratically controlled Congress.

As Governor of Virginia, he didn’t do much since Republicans controlled the legislature. He was able to ban smoking in Virginia government buildings by executive order.

Kaine backed Obama in 2008 over Hillary Clinton, and Obama backed him as governor. If he is Obama’s guy, once he is in place, a sudden indictment of Hillary could be quite useful. The FBI recommended no prosecution, but in the end it isn’t their decision.

As Senator since 2013, he has served on Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees. As a member of the minority party in the Senate, he has had very little influence in his 3 years in the Senate.

Kaine picked up his fluency in Spanish during a year he spent in Honduras in 1980 working with Jesuit missionaries. I doubt with one year of immersion 35 years ago that he is fluent, as much as has the ability to read Spanish.

After taking off a year in Honduras, he returned to Harvard and was pursued by his wife who wanted to use her Harvard law degree to help poor people as a Legal Aid lawyer. She is the daughter of a former Virginia governor Linwood Holton who served as Virginia Governor. from 1970-1974. Linwood Holton is in his 90s, living in Southern Virginia. Linwood Holton is a Republican and worked in the Nixon administration.

Kaine, as a good Catholic, is personally opposed to abortion, but pro-choice, trying to split the difference. He is less pro-choice than his peers. He supports informed consent, parental notification and a ban on post viability abortions. Since Donald Trump is pro choice, abortion isn’t likely to dominate the issues in this election.

Political Views in general – he gave the answers you would expect as a moderate democrat. The answers that might be interesting are his opposition to free trade and his agreement that marijuana is a “gateway drug”.

He is not going to attract Bernie Sanders supporters, but in the end – what difference do they make ???

“smart” IBM

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Jane Sanders’ first husband was transferred to Essex Junction Vermont by IBM (I’ve been moved). IBM had a research lab and electronics fabrication plant there – it is the largest private employer in Vermont.

A year ago, IBM unloaded the facility and another in New York to GlobalFoundaries, a Dubai owned chip manufacturer. IBM gave them the factories PLUS $1.5 billion to unload their responsibilities (probably unfunded retiree promises?)

Global Foundary takes over

When the deal was announced, IBM said GlobalFoundaries would retain the valuable highly paid IBM workers.

They lied

While they claim there won’t be job cuts, it is pretty clear from the description that GlobalFoundaries is replacing expensive former IBM employees with lower cost replacements. Essex Junction is pretty close to the Canadian non-border.

An Islamic country in the Middle East (probably backed by China) making IBM’s microprocessors used in phones – What, me worry? Maybe Trump should replace his Carrier story with this one.

Berning down the Democratic Convention

Monday, May 16th, 2016

A little trouble in Nevada over the weekend

Psst… Operation Chaos

Why Democrats should Indict Hillary

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

The focus is now turning to the electoral “college” vote – to win in November, a candidate needs 270 of the 538 electoral votes.

Refining my estimates, I’ve applied the latest nationwide polls where there is not a state one vs one poll, and narrowed the safe goalpost to 55%. Since Hillary currently has a +2 polling lead, that means states where Barack Obama won by more than 53% are safe for Hillary. Conversely, a state had to vote by 57% for Romney to still be safe Republican.

If you accept those sketchy assumptions, the safe electoral votes are

Hillary 248 Trump 173

However, the most recent Sanders vs Trump polls have Sanders +13 (admittedly before Trump clinched the nomination – nobody cares any more)

If you apply the same math – that any state that voted more than 42% for Obama (55-13) is safe for Sanders and only states that voted 68% for Romney (55+13) are still safe for Trump – you get

Sanders 416 Trump 38

The opposing argument is it doesn’t matter what the margin of victory is – 270 and you win.

Only slightly related, the vile John Fund over at National Review online telegraphed the #nevertrump strategy for the Convention. The “thinking” is that since 40% of the delegates are pledged to Trump, but oppose Trump – they will just refuse to vote on the first ballot. Paul Ryan is being coy for a reason – he will be the person to rule on the legality of pledged delegates refusing to vote.

Boehner: Sanders is “most honest politician in the race”

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Stanford University talk

Not that anyone cares what beaner thinks

Muslims for Bernie

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Al Jazeera editorial

Al Jazeera, the Qatar funded Arab news service that Hillary Clinton described in 2011 as Real News Says Muslim Americans would vote for Bernie Sanders even if he wasn’t Jewish

Everyone is on board now!