Less random randomness

One of the little known functions of the web site is the ability to have a random stream selected to play when you aren’t sure what to listen to.

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Up until now, the options to narrow what you want to find were fairly limited – a single station format. Now you can:

filter by category – the notion of categories has been incorporated. For instance, you could choose Country Music and get everything from Classic Country to bluegrass to New Country and everything in between
mobile friendly only – select the html5 checkbox to skip over stations that won’t play on a device that doesn’t support flash, Microsoft formats, etc
Parent Company – let’s say it’s the weekend and you want to find Bill Bennett’s Interview show and you know his show is mostly carried on Salem Radio

Note you have the ability to save stations as favorites (if you are logged in) so you can build up a list of stations you might want to listen to later. A few of the options like updating schedules are only visible to volunteers

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