Prepare for President Pence

Something pretty extraordinary happened in the past couple days. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s primary is today. Donald Trump refused to endorse Ryan, mocking him with the “I’m not there yet” line Ryan used on Trump.

Mike Pence then undercut Trump by endorsing Ryan, which then forced Trump to do the same. The term “the Trump Pence gap” is slipping into the conversation. Above everything else, Trump values loyalty. Trump does not have the ability to fire Pence. Pence is the #nevertrump’s last best hope. They’ll provide encouragement for Pence to keep antagonizing Trump, hoping that Trump will either quit or blowup in some truly fantastic error.

People are tentatively testing how a Pence vs Kaine Presidential contest might play out – on the assumption both candidates will be pushed out of the race. A Pence vs Hillary poll would be very interesting.

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  1. Parrott says:

    That was a good article about ‘The King’. Yeah he is right Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough they would get mad and may not visit fans, after the race. The King always did. I remember my old man taking me to the Martinsville race, $25 bucks for the back straight seat non-reserved for sale on the day of the race. It was glorious ! We had headphones on to save our hearing. A lot of people looked at us like we were crazy.
    Ha, I still have my hearing.
    Last time I went was 1994. It was changing then. I don’t follow racing anymore. Harry Gant ‘The skoal bandit’, Bill Elliott, retired Davey Alison died.
    Yeah, I lost interest when the the crop that is starting to retiring now, replaced the guys I knew.
    it was fun , we listened to it on the radio cause it wasn’t on ESPN yet, Motor racing Network with Eli Gold, commercials for ‘Hav-A-Tampa’ cigar and Goodys powder. The eighties were good. I don’t watch it at all now.
    I always liked the King. I remember that race on CBS in February 1979 Daytona 500.
    Allison and Yarborough spin each other out and then fight in the in-field and ‘The King’ Richard holds off ‘the mouth Waltrip’. Ha Ha , and wins, LOL Classic. That race started it on TV . here is the best part, Ken Squire & the British guy, and Brock Yates with the winner in the winners circle !


    • Fred Stiening says:

      Maybe five years ago I played with a tool they created that let you watch the race from the in car cameras. It just confirmed my belief that modern NASCAR is only slightly more real than Professional wrestling. Drivers were getting told by the bosses to let other drivers go by. Rookie drivers spinning out seem correlated to the need to take a commercial break for TV, or give a specific driver an advantage in the timing of pit stops. In the end, who wins is largely affected by who writes the rules. The End.

      The interviewer seemed to be baiting Petty to spill the beans. Racing at night totally undermined the NASDAQ culture of tail gating in the infield and being able to drive home from the race and get home to go to work on Monday. I remember when NASCAR made a big deal to shorten the races to help the national gasoline shortages. Weenies.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    So the Democrats want to arrest President Trump. President Trump side stepped the attempt to appoint Pence’s chief of staff as Trump’s chief of staff.

    There is no provision in the Constitution for a state court to arrest a sitting President. President Trump is commander in Chief of the military. This could get ugly really fast

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