Beck Woe in Boston

Politico coverage

Glenn Beck is on trial for repeatedly accusing a Saudi national of being the “money man” in the Boston Marathon pressure cooker bombing. He continued to repeat the charge even after Homeland Security said there no evidence supporting that.

The standard of defamation is much different for public figures than it is for private individuals. Beck had made the claim he could be reckless in his accusations because the Saudi guy was a public figure – but the only reason anyone knew his name was Beck’s accusation. The judge threw out Beck’s twisted logic.

The judge ruled that Beck’s staff must disclose their sources – two currently unnamed Homeland Security officials. Journalists have some protectons against disclosing sources, but the one staffer who says he talked to homeland security wrote his notes on a post it note, which he threw away.

This is gonna cost a lot of money. It sounds like Beck will be spending much of his remaining time on Earth sitting in court rooms.

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2 Responses to Beck Woe in Boston

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    The reporter shield laws probably don’t even protect the defendant in a libel lawsuit. The plaintiff has no real incentive to subpoena Beck’s sources. If Beck doesn’t force the sources to testify, he has no defense against the libel charge.

  2. briand75 says:

    Kind of like a small child throwing a tantrum – that’s Beck. I do understand wanting to put truth out there, but the methods are not the best currently. If you have facts, that’s a start. Now, he has a lawsuit. Welcome to the world of too many lawyers.

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