Really bad “science” journalism * updated

Telegraph story

It bothers me that Matt Drudge (or his readers) keep falling for this.

Cc has a leg up on this since he is from New Jersey

A few hints – the last lunar eclipse was on August 18, 2016

Where in New Jersey would you have to be to take this picture from 25 miles away?

What time was moonrise in New York City on August 23/24th?

What is the definition of a “blood moon” and its scientific significance? How is a red moon different than a blood moon?

You have to admire the complete absence of pollution in New York!

* update *


A moon horizon angle of 90 degrees would be straight up and down. 78° would be tilting to the left by 12 degrees, so the picture lines up given the time and place.

In the 1970s, I was on a bus trip that went down the New Jersey Turnpike – the orange haze over New York City went for probably twenty miles. Without all that pollution to block the sunlight, I bet New York gets a lot hotter these days.

The August 18th eclipse was what is called a penumbra eclipse – the Earth blocked a small portion of the light – not enough to be perceptanpble even if you knew it was going on.

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3 Responses to Really bad “science” journalism * updated

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I usually get censored when I reply to a posting before you do, Fred.

    Some facts:
    1.) The spot in the sky where the moon rises changes each day – it is not the same spot where the sun rises.
    2.)I am not familiar with the angle of the walls of the new Freedom Tower, but assuming they roughly align with the streets that are basically north-south for the avenues and east-west for the streets, this photo was taken west-northwest of the Freedom Tower.
    3.) There are buildings in Morristown with a clear line of sight to the skyline from about the 6th floor or above.
    4. ) I have seen moon rises like this over NYC when flying north across Morristown before banking to the right to land in Newark from the north when the wind is predominantly from the south.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    The pyramid topped building is Three Word Financial Center, aka the former American Express building at 200 Vesey street. To get it aligned with the Freedom Tower puts you at the old Central NJ train station, aka Liberty State Park – where you catch the boat to visit the Statue of Liberty. That matches where she apparently shoots lots of pictures. 25 miles is an exaggeration – it is a little over one mile

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