Getting the labor out

Metrolina Greenhouse is located North of Charlotte. They grow plants. Lots of plants.

In another time, I would have admired their technology. We want to believe that Grandma’s cookies at the supermarket were made by grandma. When you walk past baskets of beautiful flowers at the store, surely some human loved them. Maybe not so much. Two things that stood out among the things said – they take pride that human hands play no role in growing the plants until they are being loaded on trucks. They claim that most big box stores within 500 miles of Charlotte – especially Walmart, Sam’s Club and Lowe’s sell their plants.

Generation one were Dutch immigrants who somehow wound up here. We’re sneaking up on the turnover to generation three. Sales are about $185 million a year. Despite the automation, they still employee about 600 people. They just aquired another 100 acres for more expansion.

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